MEN Mikro Elektronik presents the first ESMexpress modules, which comply with the new, proposed ANSI-VITA 59 standard (in preparation). The XM1 is the first Intel-based member of this System-on-module family for harsh environments and safety-critical applications in the embedded market. With the new Intel Atom and high-performance graphics, the XM1 is ideally suited for visualization applications for the railway, avionics, medical engineering and industrial automation markets.


Two variants of the recently presented Intel Atom – Z530 with 1.6 GHz or Z510 with 1.1 GHz – form the heart of the XM1, the first Intel-based ESMexpress module. Thanks to the 45nm technology the processor from Intel’s new UMPC family perfectly complements the advantages of the XM1.

Low power dissipation, extended temperature range, space-saving design and seven years minimum availability combined with a favorable price/performance ratio open up new application possibilities which until now could not be realized with Intel products of the Pentium M class.

The XM1 is equipped with a soldered DDR2 SDRAM with up to 1 GB memory space and supports other memory types like USB Flash on the carrier board.

All interfaces provided by the Intel System Controller Hub are used by the XM1 and can be led to different carrier boards. These are PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet with Wake-On-LAN-functionality, eight USBs with host and client support, SATA, LVDS, SDVO and HD audio. Legacy I/O interfaces like COM and PATA can be used alternatively on a standard carrier board.

A real-time clock and a board management controller with watchdog complete the functionality of the ESMexpress module.

For testing of all functions of the XM1 and for developing the application the XC1 universal carrier board in ATX format can be used. The XM1 can also be plugged onto COM Express carrier boards (basic form factor type 2) via the adapter board AE12.


Having a total power dissipation of seven Watts maximum, the XM1 is specified for an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C with conduction or convection cooling. Like all ESMexpress modules it is installed in a closed housing which also guarantees 100% EMC protection. To ensure shock and vibration resistance MIL- and railway-compliant connectors are used and all components are soldered. In addition the board is coated against humidity and dust.