With the new M-Module M36N, MEN Micro prove their long experience with complex analog technology and now present an input board for high speed, resolution and precision requirements in automation, measuring and simulation applications. The M-Module is used in CompactPCI, PCI, PXI or VME systems as well as in embedded single board computers.

Especially in the area of industrial I/O, M-Modules have for many years constantly been successful with their manifold functions for process data acquisition, motion and robotics or instrumentation.
In order to comply with the RoHS directive (effective since July 1, 2006) all M-Modules have either been adapted or redesigned and equipped with new interesting features – like the new M36N which will now be available for at least 10 more years.


The analog input module M36N provides 16 single-pole grounded channels for voltage or current or alternatively eight channels for differential voltage or current. Each channel and each input range is adjusted separately and fully automatically. The resolution is 16 bit with an accuracy of at least 0.05% over the whole temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. Thanks to a fast A/D converter and automatic incrementation of the multiplexer channel the total acquisition time is only 130µs for 16 bit.

The Cyclone II FPGA implemented on the M36N controls the signal conditioning and in addition offers space for application-specific function extensions of the assembly. What is more, the Altera Nios II Softcore processor can be implemented into the FPGA for intelligent pre-data-processing or additional functions like noise-shaping. For doing this it is possible to assemble up to 32MB DDR2 DRAM as well as up to 6MB non-volatile memory.

The separate supply voltages can be generated via a DC/DC converter on the board which is also suited for the extended temperature range from -40° up to +85°C.


M-Modules, first presented in 1988 and ANSI-standardized since 1997, are flexible, modular I/O extensions for industrial bus systems (CompactPCI, PXI, VME etc.) and for busless single-board computers. A carrier board in double Eurocard format can accommodate up to four M-Modules. MEN Mikro Elektronik alone has developed more than 100 different M-Modules so far.