TECA’s enclosure cooling solutions protect rail switch equipment, signage and RF electronics, intermodal automation controls, and other heat-sensitive equipment.

TECA air conditioners create a closed-loop cooling system and maintain IP56 (NEMA-4X) enclosure integrity. Our reliable air conditioners excel in high-ambient temperatures and require little to no maintenance. This makes TECA coolers the ideal choice for remote or hard-to-access areas.

Due to its solid-state nature, products utilising thermoelectric technology have a long service life:

  • Mean time between failure of up to 300,000 hours has been calculated for individual thermoelectric modules.
  • Under normal conditions, a TECA enclosure cooler can go over seven years before requiring any service (such as replacing a fan).

TECA’s thermoelectric enclosure coolers are the most powerful and efficient on the thermoelectric market, globally. Our products span from 200BTU/hr to nearly 6,000BTU/hr. Our products are designed to capitalise on the inherent qualities of thermoelectric cooling technology.

The results are highly efficient, robust enclosure coolers that can reliably keep your components protected from the ambient environment.

Performance and efficiency

TECA is the only manufacturer offering thermoelectric enclosure coolers above 3,200 BTU/hr. TECA’s products can be configured to include virtually any feature the end user requires. AC, DC, and three-phase input voltages are all available. Temperature control can be customised, built in, or remote. Heat / cool units, high-efficiency units, and high-performance units are all available.

Nearly every TECA air conditioner includes a revolutionary eco-mode temperature control feature. This feature reduces operational costs by utilising passive cooling during low-demand times. This, in turn, reduces the need for active cooling and keeps the amp draw as low as possible at any given time.

Mounting styles and customisation

TECA air conditioners can be mounted externally, internally or ‘through’, meaning the enclosure cooler intrudes a few inches into space while the rest is outside. This enables the end user to make optimal use of the space, whether real estate is limited inside or outside of the enclosure.

Thermoelectric air conditioners are highly customisable. Private labelling, custom paint or finish, hand picked temperature sensors, and even sheet metal shape / size, can be customised to suit the end user’s needs.

Made in the US

We have shipped factory-direct to global customers since 1984. Our assembly team boasts incredibly low turnover, which means TECA products are being built by masterful skilled workers, often with over a decade of experience building our products.

TECA marketed the first commercially available thermoelectric cooler. We have been leaders in the thermoelectric cooling field ever since, and we have ‘seen it all’. Our designs and final products are the best-in-class and are the result of our rich experience and careful component sourcing.

We buy only from original component manufacturers or, if required, their licensed distributors, giving TECA products a true advantage in quality, from the components to the final product.