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Cabinet Cooling Units for Railway Electronic Systems

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ThermoElectric Cooling America (TECA) manufactures solid-state thermoelectric cooling products, including cabinet cooling air-conditioners, Peltier cold plates, thermoelectric closed-loop liquid chillers, and custom assemblies.

We design solutions for cooling heat-sensitive control panels and protecting electronics from overheating. Our experienced engineering and sales team can help create innovative cooling solutions based on customer requirements.

Cooling enclosures for electrical railway equipment

TECA products aim to keep electronics enclosures cool and protect equipment, whether it is located indoors, outdoors or in adverse conditions.

We offer a broad range of thermoelectric products. Our air conditioners can be designed to meet requirements for special input voltages, mounting styles, performance and efficiency ratings, as well as temperature control.

Flush-mounted air conditioners do not intrude into the enclosure, saving valuable space inside for components. Integral condensate control system is ideal for outdoor railway yard applications.
Our smallest design offers the biggest value in terms of performance for its size and features. An economical outdoor air conditioner with an energy-saving, built in temperature controller.
Cooling control panels indoors or outdoors, the TECA Model AHP-450 thermoelectric enclosure cooler is suitable for any environment. These through-mount coolers are highly versatile.
One of the most popular TECA products, the AHP-1200-Series provides enclosure cooling in automation, railway, and intermodal applications. Available in various configurations for input voltage, temperature control features and more.
Internal-mount enclosure coolers work well with limited ambient surroundings, making them ideal for railway ticketing kiosks and other applications.
Up to a half-tonne of cooling performance can be provided from a single TECA cooler. Indoors or outdoors, TECA’s AHP-6200-Series thermoelectric air conditioner serves power electronics, automation, and other applications.
TECA air conditioners feature standard with environmental mounting gaskets and hardware. When installed, a closed-loop cooling system is created so internal components stay cool and free of ambient dirt, dust, and debris.
Thermoelectric coolers can be used in a range of applications, including ticket machines at railway stations.

Rugged thermoelectric cooling systems for railway electrical systems

Our cabinet coolers are ideal for railyards, intermodal terminals and transportation kiosks. Thermoelectric cooling is a reliable technology for electrical panels due to its solid-state nature. TECA cooling systems make use of this by carefully sourcing high-quality and robust components with unique features to optimise performance and efficiency.

Constructed with rugged components, the coolers protect important communications and electronic systems in any environment. We match the requirements of the surrounding area with industrial-grade and military-grade fans and components.

TECA solutions offer closed-loop cooling, with no exchange between the surrounding environment and the enclosure.

Active air conditioners for railway electronics

TECA active cooling systems provide a cost-effective investment that optimises power efficiency of thermoelectric cooling, which is one of the company’s early innovations.

Most control cabinet cooling systems include an energy-saving ECO-Mode temperature control feature, which draws less power and can reduce costs.

Enclosure cooling is normally needed in rail, intermodal and automated systems to protect components such as signalling equipment and radio frequency, in addition to other electronics.

TECA’s air conditioners can improve the performance of control panels, and heat-sensitive electronics can be enhanced by avoiding over-heating and stopping dust and dirt from entering. We offer closed-loop cooling solutions with performance ratings from 200 British thermal units per hour (BTU/h) to 6,000BTU/h.

About ThermoElectric Cooling America

Established in 1984, TECA is a spin-off of Borg-Warner. We were one of the first companies to market a thermoelectric enclosure cooler, having continually improved our products since then using high-quality components.

We sell directly from our factory in Chicago, US, where our products are manufactured at a low turnover with consistency, attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the technology.

Get in touch with our friendly sales and engineering team for help finding the right TECA product, including full customisation. Our phone lines are open from 7am to 4:30pm Central Standard Time, or fill out the enquiry form on this page for more information.

Customer testimonials

“Thanks to TECA for the effort and support you have provided for this project … We will be standardising on your air conditioner units going forward.”

“Our main focus is receiving a high-quality product, which your company always delivers.”

“TECA was recommended to us … and your product is still working (outdoors) after 15 years of service.”

“We’ve already done some test runs … We are very pleased with its performance and features.”

“Overall I am very pleased and will happily recommend it and buy more if I need them.”

“You take your company and its products seriously … Not too many people would go to this step … You have my admiration.”

“Thanks a million. You and your firm have been and continue to be outstanding in your efforts to get the customer what they need. It is a pleasure to deal with you.”


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