Enclosure Cooler for Increased Cooling from a Small Unit

For indoor or outdoor enclosure cooling, TECA Model AHP-690 is a powerful thermoelectric air conditioner.

The AHP-690 Model features compact dimensions and yet offers 55% more cooling capacity than coolers of similar size. As a closed loop enclosure cooler, the AHP-690 protects electronics from overheating in any environment.

Its unique ECO-Mode temperature control feature conserves operation costs by limiting the need for high-draw, active cooling. The AHP-690 is available with military grade fans for rugged enclosures.

Possible applications include cooling and heating of intermodal automation controls, rail and signal switching equipment, outdoor electronics enclosures, alarm systems, kiosks, communications enclosures, control panels and anywhere thermal protection for an enclosure is required.

Reliable thermoelectric technology is the perfect low-maintenance solution for hard-to-access areas.

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