The Early Deployment Line North, Demark, has begun commercial service using the Atlas European Railways Traffic Management System (ERTMS) created by Alstom.

The Early Deployment Line North operates between Roskilde and Köge in Eastern Denmark. It is the first line in the country to be fitted with ERTMS trackside on-board signalling solutions from Alstom.

Alstom has completely implemented ERTMS with the 20km line. It serves 12 trains owned by Danish train operator Danske Statsbaner (DSB).

Denmark is replacing the existing railway signalling system with ETCS level 2 baseline 3. It expects this to increase capacity and minimise delays.

Alstom Denmark MD Emmanuel Henry said: “We are extremely proud to have delivered this milestone for the Danish signalling program roll-out. Alstom has supplied a fully digital system, providing a more efficient rail system, allowing larger capacity while guaranteeing the highest levels of safety.”

Currently, the company is installing ERTMS on 800km of track in east Denmark to replace the current signalling system. It has completed the work on 100km of the track.

Last year, Alstom set a new railway speed record in Denmark. It achieved speeds of 255km/h during the approval of the first high-speed line from Copenhagen to Ringsted. It is also responsible for fitting Atlas on-board equipment on the entire Danish fleet of around 350 trains.

The company said it has fitted around 20% of the fleet with the equipment. Danish operators such as DSB, Arriva and Nordjyske Jernbaner have begun commercial operations with the ERTMS system.

In September, Alstom secured a contract from Nordjyske Jernbane for the delivery of an additional four Coradia Lint trains.

The trainset manufacturer had previously won a €45m contract from Nordjyske Jernbane for the delivery of 13 Coradia Lint regional trains.