Jewers Doors engineers and manufactures the Phoenix range of high-quality industrial folding doors for railway facilities.

Doors are created from highly engineered components and comply with stringent European safety standards. The company has carried out projects worldwide, including in the UK, Qatar, the UAE, Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Folding railway depot doors

Swift-SEW bi-folding doors have been created for depots incorporating taller openings, overhead electrification wires and tracks that run through the door. They are suitable for daily operational demands and high safety standards for modern railway maintenance depots.

Purpose-designed drive systems for bi-folding industrial doors

The design of the Swift-SEW is based on the original Swift door, which is a traditional four-fold door. It incorporates heavy-duty hardware and a powerful central drive unit that operates alongside a programmable smart relay control board (PLC) with built-in inverter. This creates a smooth, safe and future-proof door system for any railway maintenance depot building.

Jewers has provided doors for the High Speed Rail National College in Birmingham, UK.
Jewers Doors offers a range of doors such as bi-folding and manually operated units.
Swift bi-folding doors can be installed at railway depots worldwide.
Swift bi-folding doors close around high-voltage OLE.
Swift fast-acting SEW bi-folding doors installed at Hitachi’s UK rolling stock manufacturing centre at Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.
Jewers Doors can customise products for a variety of railway depots.
Swift bi-folding doors are suitable for train and delivery vehicle access.
Swift doors interlock to the Depot Protection System.

Swift-SEW doors can be integrated with building management systems (BMS), depot protection systems (DPS), heating, ventilation or air-conditioning (HVAC), and train wash plant to create ultimate control. A visual display on the door control panel provides real-time status or error reporting to the user, and with an IOT interface to enable Jewers’ HQ to connect directly to the door for complete visibility.

Versatile multi-leaf sliding folding doors

The Swift-SEW door will accommodate openings up to 5m wide. For wider openings, the Osprey is the ideal solution. Powered operation is available for doors up to 20m width while there is no limit to the width for manually operated Osprey doors, which would typically be used for across railway traversers or wider depot openings.

Jewers Doors’ solutions deliver robustness and durability, with the Phoenix range offering aesthetic appeal with advanced technical features. Products offer railway facilities a comprehensive solution that provides reliability while complementing its surroundings.

Bi-folding industrial doors for railway facilities

Swift-SEW doors have a number of unique features, including:

  • Side-hung doors without a floor track designed for railway tracks
  • Electrically operated with powerful efficient helical-worm gear motor
  • Instant low-level manual override handle
  • Closure around overhead line equipment (OLE)
  • Suitable for openings up to 5m wide and 7m tall (maximum 32.5m²)
  • Multi-programmable smart relay control board
  • Control board integrates with building management system (BMS) and depot protection system (DPS)
  • Internet of things (IOT) for real-time monitoring
  • Automatic solenoid floor bolts for security and protection against adverse weather
  • Solid, partial glazing and fully glazed options available.

About Jewers Doors

Established in 1983, Jewers Doors is a world-leading company dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of specialist industrial doors operating from a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Bedfordshire, UK. With branch offices in Dubai in the UAE, North America and Turkey, Jewers Doors supplies and installs specialist industrial doors worldwide.

Since 2008, Jewers Doors has provided more than 270 doors for railway depot and station projects.