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Fast-Track Rail Inspection, Measuring and Monitoring

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Anyone seeking to travel economically on a network relies on optimised monitoring and diagnosis of vehicles and low-maintenance track. This process commences with the new vehicle design and extends through to everyday operation, repairs and modernization.

MULTIRAIL® technology offers a complete solution. Its modular system provides many optimal solutions for many monitoring and diagnosis functions for wheels and rail. These systems are safe, convenient and low-maintenance.

Derailment protection

The prevention of derailment is a priority issue. Wheel diagnosis at track speed is an essential requirement, because we don’t leave safety to chance.

MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight.
MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad pro.
MULTIRAIL® Wheel&GuideLoad.
MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight.
MULTIRAIL® MultiBridge.
MULTIRAIL® SpeedWeight.
MULTIRAIL® Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) system.
MULTIRAIL® HotMetalWeight.

Our track-based systems measure the safety-relevant load status of a train and also detect force impacts which might be triggered by defective wheels. The measurement of noise emissions in compliance with standards helps rail companies to reduce disturbance in densely populated areas while identifying critical vehicle statuses in conjunction with measurements from defective wheels. The online measurement of vertical and lateral forces in loaded train sets helps to prevent derailment. Intelligent software solutions link on-track systems with higher-level control systems.

Railway network monitoring technology

Hazards lurk on all routes, railways and in all trains. Vehicle defects in the wheels, route damage or critical loading conditions can put people and materials at risk. This is where MULTIRAIL® monitoring and diagnosis systems come in, with all-round monitoring and lasting functions.

Monitoring technology for rail production facilites and workshops

Quality assurance in production and maintenance is the most important prerequisite for optimal performance. With the help of flexible, modular hardware and software technologies, MULTIRAIL® assures optimum performance in advance – and prevents expensive consequential damage and repairs. This saves time and reduces costs while ensuring quality.

The MULTIRAIL® range of monitoring and diagnosis systems range includes the following. For static and dynamic weighing there is:

  • MULTIRAIL® WheelScan
  • MULTIRAIL® InterScan
  • MULTIRAIL® WheelLoad
  • MULTIRAIL® IDendtify

Diagnostic systems along the track include:

  • MULTIRAIL® InterScan

Measurement and optimisation systems include:

  • MULTIRAIL® SandPiper

Precise in-transit rail wheel diagnosis and detecting – monitoring technology for the track network

Safety all along the line has absolute priority in railway travel. At the same time, the aim is to save time and costs. MULTIRAIL® WheelScan combines both, and ensures that operators safely save costs – along the whole line.

MULTIRAIL® WheelScan offers a large number of advantages for operators: The wheels are precisely diagnosed in transit, and wheel imperfections, wheel loads and load distributions are checked.

It identifies vehicles that could damage the track because of excessive dynamic forces or overloading. It thereby potentially reduces costly damage and dangerous accidents in advance. Direct, appropriate maintenance is possible – and before costly further damage occurs. This is safety that pays off.

Applications for this technology include:

  • Automation of track inspection
  • Monitoring of wheel loads and load distributions
  • Analysis of track loads
  • Diagnosis of wheel imperfections
  • Reduction of noise emissions

High-precision train weighing

MULTIRAIL® Legal Weight from Schenck Process pays its way as a legal-for-trade application from the outset. It provides high-precision railcar weighing using fast and legal-for-trade calibrated weighing of the goods during transit, irrespective of whether individual rail cars or whole trains are being weighed.

The dynamic train scale for weighing trains and rail cars is now a minor classic. No wonder: intelligent solutions are worth their while and deliver cost and time savings.


  • Legal-for-trade dynamic weighing to OIML R 106, class 0.5
  • Can be used within a temperature range from -50°C to +70°C, for solids and liquids
  • Checks load distribution in the bogie
  • Used in logistics and as the basis for invoicing

Bogie inspection, testing, measuring and optimising stand

MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad is a new-generation, cutting-edge bogie test stand. One special feature is its fully electromechanical design with spindle technology, which is extremely efficient and ensures a high level of precision.

Dynamic weighing for liquid goods

In the chemical and petrochemical industries, liquids are often worth their weight in gold. If mistakes are made in incoming or outgoing goods checks, every kilogram counts. Material flows need to be weighed quickly, reliably and with certified precision.

MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight can be installed without gaps or foundations, works at weighing speeds of up to 10km/h and is capable of calibration to OIML R106-1. If not being weighed, wagons can travel at the permissible speed for the track.

Equipped with high-precision DMR weighbeams, these scales are optimised for weighing valuable liquid goods which can be weighed by wagon as part of a complete train set. Wheel and axle loads and load distribution are monitored as the wagon travels across the scales.

As the user you save precious time and benefit from a high degree of automation, considerably lower error rates and increased scale performance. This is an investment that has already proven its worth for customers such as OMV, Basell and Dynea.

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