MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad is a bogie test (bogie press) stand of the new, cutting-edge generation. One special feature is its fully electromechanical design with spindle technology, which is extremely efficient and ensures a high level of precision.

Whether maximum product variety, high throughput, ultra-flexible testing facilities, minimal setup times and precision accuracy are required, MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad pro is the right choice.

The high-tech device for testing bogies in high-speed trains is also suited to vehicle development and for special tests. Key features include the fully electro-mechanical design with spindle technology and fully automatic positioning of the bogie in the centre of the test rig.

MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad pro is the best way to ensure improved safety, less wear and minimum maintenance and servicing costs. Precise, fast and flexible for a wide range of bogie types and sizes, it can be influential in optimising production processes in new bogie construction.