Quality assurance in production and maintenance are the most important prerequisites for achieving optimum performance. The decisive factors for rail safety are vertical wheel forces and wheel set loads, as well as optimum load distribution.

The flexible, modular structure of MULTIRAIL® WheelLoad’s hardware and software precisely assesses these values regarding locomotive and rail car bogies. This saves time and costs while at the same time also ensuring quality.

MULTIRAIL WheelLoad is suitable for static and dynamic monitoring of axle loads and vertical wheel forces in locomotives and rail cars. It can also be used to monitor the calculation of rail car weights and monitoring of the centre of gravity in the rail car, in addition to street cars inspections and calculating weight distribution in bogies.

All from a single source:

Legal-for-trade Schenck Process weighbeams can be installed in existing locations, and with flexible weighing segment lengths. The advantage of this is the large positioning width of the bogie. Simultaneous measurement of vertical wheel forces in the bogie. The system can be installed as a measuring rail.

Other advantages:

Highly precise speed range in dynamic operation that is up to 10 km/h. Reduces inspection and maintenance times. In accordance with DIN 27201-5, DIN 27202-10, DIN 25043.