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NDT Technologies Inc. Automated Non-Destructive Testing and Measurement Systems for Rails, Rail Wheels and Axles

NDT Technologies is a supplier of custom built automated quality control systems for measuring and testing rails, wheels and axles by non-destructive methods.

Our equipment provides assurance that products have been manufactured to the applicable international standards and quality control specification.

Our equipment has been installed in a number of major steel mills, in Europe, North America and Asia. In close cooperation with railroads and transport departments we have developed a unique technology for in track testing and assessment of the rail running surface condition.

Since 1981 NDT’s expertise and experience is based on electromagnetic, eddy current, laser, optical and ultrasonic technologies.


NDT Technologies’ product range includes:

RM 100 rail master

Acoustic equipment for on-site manual verification of rail ends or questionable sections of rail tracks.

MP 700 rail weld test multi-probe

System for manual verification of rail weld integrity including gas, resistance or alumino – thermic processes. The probe used in conjunction with ultrasonic flaw detector locates weld flaws inclusive lack of fusion condition and assists to standardise the inspection process. The system is usually used by welding crews for on site assessment of weld integrity.

Rail cleaning station

Automated rail surface cleaning and removal of loose scale prior to rail testing and measuring operations. Proper preparation of rail surface optimizes automated inspection process, assures repeatability of measurements and increases product integrity level. This equipment is used in steel mills.

Rail laser

Automated opto-laser measuring system of rail straightness, waviness, twist and dimensions. A fully computerized system using custom developed software provides rail measurement in full length during manufacturing process. Comprehensive reports indicating out of tolerance conditions are generated in graphic format. Measurement is carried out according to AAR rules and other specified standards. (Hot side measurement is also available).


Automated testing system for verification and surface flaw detection of manufactured rails in steel mills. Rail running surface, both sides of head, base and web is verified for the presence of dangerous surface anomalies such as cracks, seams or fractures. Rail surface integrity based on electronic signatures is digitally analysed, replacing relatively slow and labour intensive visual inspection. Rail production yield is optimized by a qualitative measurement directly based on reference calibration standards. The system is also superior to fluorescent magnetic examination by filtering out false indications such as surface scratches.


Automated system for detection of rail volumetric examination and internal flaws detection. Computer driven multi- channel ultrasonic test system provides full volumetric assessment of material integrity. The inspection process is based on electronic comparison measurements in relation to a set of artificial calibration standards. Rail head, web and base are examined on the steel mill production line. Adaptable and expandable design of the system also allows for testing of asymmetrical products. Our robust and reliable systems have been in operation since 1986.

Wheel line 2000

Complete rail-wheel handling, testing and measuring system including hardness, laser dimensions, ultrasonic and magnetic examination methods.


Equipment for non-contact fluorescent magnetic particle inspection "MPI" of wheel plates in radial and circumferential directions.


Opto-Laser system for dimensional measurementof rail wheels.

Dynatrak II

New technology developed for high speed dynamic assessment of rail running surface condition. The system provides a platform for the detection and digital categorization of surface flaws. The system also includes data acquisition, statistics and creation of graphic reports.

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Press Release

Semi-Automated Ultrasonic Inspections for Hollow Rail Wheel Axles

Semi portable equipment was developed by NDT Technologies Inc. to inspect ultrasonically hollow rail wheel axles as required by AAR S-659 standard.

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NDT Intergrated Rail Inspection Systems

Dry ultrasonic rail inspection provides volumetric inspection using so-called shadow technique applied to rail head from top and both sides.

NDT Technologies Inc.




+1 514 457 7650 +1 514 457 7652 www.ndt.ca

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Press Release

30 November 2016

Semi portable equipment was developed by NDT Technologies Inc. to inspect ultrasonically hollow rail wheel axles as required by AAR S-659 standard.

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23 May 2014

NDT Technologies Inc in Montreal, Canada has received an export contract for a complete and fully automated line for railway wheels handling, testing and measuring.

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6 June 2008

A stand-alone Brinell Hardness measurement machines of rail wheels has been commissioned and certified for accuracy by third-party auditors. The machine automatically picks up wheels from a loading ramp, reads wheel serial number, and places it on to the horizontal conveyor. Then advanc

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23 April 2007

NDT Technologies Inc. has recently developed a stamping machine for the rim and hub sections of railroad wheels. The system can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be incorporated in an automated wheel inspection line. It also allows the operator to choose between a series of fonts and

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14 February 2007

NDT Technologies, of Montreal Canada, has completed the delivery of a multi-facet, automated rail-wheel testing system. The single test line involves the integration of: Wheel-loading system Non-contact measurement of profiles and dimensions Hardness m

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14 February 2007

NDT Technologies Inc. of Montreal Canada has completed delivery of two next-generation automated rail-test systems for steel mills in Asia and Europe. The systems feature a rail-burr gate, cleaning station, out-of-straightness deviation station, eddy-current test unit for detection of surface fla

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23 September 2005

Custom designed hollow axle tester has been delivered to major European rail-wheels and axles manufacturer to inspect for internal bore surface flaws. A high sensitivity eddy current method is used for inspection. Internal bore surface is verified for presence of longitudinal and transv

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1 June 2005

The Eddytron™ system provides for high sensitivity detection of surface flaws in hollow rail axle bores. This two-channel system detects and identifies transverse and longitudinally oriented flaws, separately. Bore diameters from 30mm to 90mm can be inspected. A pre

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7 September 2004

NDT Technologies, Inc. of Montreal, Canada, has commissioned fully integrated automated testing and measuring system for long rails. The system is designed to inspect for flaws and provide dimensional information according to International standards for 52kg and 60kg rails.
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5 July 2004

NDT Technologies Inc. of Montreal, Canada has successfully commissioned "SONOTRON", Automated Ultrasonic Rail-wheel Test System for major rail-wheel manufacturer in Asia. The system features 22 independent ultrasonic test channels and inspects with high resolution rail-wheel rim, tread

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NDT Technologies Inc.




+1 514 457 7650 +1 514 457 7652 www.ndt.ca

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