NDT Rail applications

NDT technologies is a world-wide supplier of non-destructive testing and measuring inspection systems for railroad rails, complying with international standards on production lines at steel mills.

Systems are supplied with:

  • Rail transport rollers
  • Security gate
  • De-burring gate
  • Demagnetising station
  • Rail cleaning (brushing), station with air filtering unit
  • Rail serial number reader
  • Geometry measurement (vertical and horizontal deviations)
  • Twist measurements station
  • Profile and dimensions station
  • Eddy current surface inspection station
  • OVIS optical vision station
  • Dry ultrasonic inspection station
  • Wet ultrasonic inspection station
  • Flaw marking units
  • Bar code applicator
  • Unified software and hardware
  • Calibration rails

Technical Note:

Dry UT Inspection Station "SONOTRON ™ EM 880 provides edition to volumetric defects detection indicating rail steel metallurgical "bulk" condition, such as steel cleanness and/or vacuum degasing failure.