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Enclosure and Control Panel Climatisation and Monitoring Systems for Rail Signalling Techniques

Unit 12, First Quarter Business Park,
Blenheim Road,
Surrey KT19 9QN,
United Kingdom

Unit 12, First Quarter Business Park,
Blenheim Road,
Surrey KT19 9QN,
United Kingdom


STEGO has decades of experience in the field of climatisation of enclosures and control panels, traffic control and monitoring systems in the transport industry and rail signalling techniques. With its range of products it offers user-friendly solutions and provides a high degree of safety for the operation of your facilities without interferences.

Innovation and design are central to STEGO’s product development philosophy. The company’s own product development department and design office develop and construct its products. STEGO products are renowned for their reliability, long life, simplicity of use and high quality.

With locations in 11 countries and long-time business partners, STEGO is represented worldwide. STEGO products are exported internationally and used in a variety of different areas and climate conditions.

STEGO’s products include conventional and PTC semiconductor control panel heaters and fan-assisted heaters (from 5W to 1,200W) as well as Ex variations. Temperature and humidity controls range from 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F) and 35% to 100% RH. The filter fan series in EMC and standard versions have excellent performance and shielding characteristics and it also offers panel lighting and accessories.

Convection heaters for railways

Fluctuating temperatures means condensation can form in enclosures, which can lead to serious malfunctions or, in the worst case scenario, a component failure. Convection heaters protect against low temperatures, thus preventing the formation of condensation. Furthermore fan heaters provide forced air circulation and ensure constant temperatures in enclosures.

STEGO’s CS heating product range is ideal for railway enclosures where space is crucial as it offers a small compact design, a low surface temperature, a quick mounting due to clip fixing and a wide voltage range. The heaters are quiet in operation and are vibration resistant. Models with plug-in thermostats that do not require additional wiring are also available. The casing is plastic according to UL94 V-0.

Filter fans for overheating control

High component densities in enclosures generate increased temperatures which can cause component failure. Filter fans protect against overheating in the enclosure, preventing malfunctions of electrical and electronic components by diverting the warm air away from heat sensitive components.

STEGO’s filter fan series offers a range of advantages for the railway industry, for example, the self-adhesive seal of the mounting frame to prevent dust and water from entering the cabinet and the design effectively prevents direct intrusion of falling water and dust. Its fans are quiet in operation and enable time-saving assembly, they are weatherproof and UV resistant. STEGO’s unique outdoor filter-fan is also lockable.

Temperature and moisture control for heaters, filter fans and heat exchangers

A prerequisite for a clean operation of signalling equipment is the right climate in the enclosure. This can be attained by a temperature and moisture control system which is put in place. Thermostats and hygrostats are used for the control of heaters, filter fans, heat exchangers and air conditioning equipment. They activate when set temperature or humidity values are exceeded or have fall below a specific temperature.

A thumbwheel setting dial, small hysteresis, high switching capacity and a sensitive bimetal are the main highlights of our thermostat STO/STS. The optimised housing provides a better air flow. The setting wheel has an anti-frost assurance. Thermostats are also available as dual devices.

Other products:

  • Enclosure lights based on LED technology with magnet or screw fixing, daisy chain
  • Pressure compensation devices
  • Drainage devices

The majority of STEGO products are certified to VDE, UL and GOST. STEGO is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2004.

The New Filter Fan Plus

Optimum usage of space is always important in systems with electric or electronic components.

Perfect Thermal Management

STEGO products ensure that electromechanical and electronic components function without fault or breakdown by providing optimum climatic conditions. These ideal climatic prerequisites are ensured by reliable temperature and humidity control systems.

New Products from STEGO

STEGO, a company with great experience in the field of climatisation of enclosures and control panels, traffic control and monitoring systems in the transport industry and rail signalling techniques, has released a new PDF download detailing some of its new products, including ETF012 Electronic Hygrotherm, SJ019 STEGOJET and HVI030 Flat Fan Heaters.

STEGO Launches DC Line for Applications with DC Power Supply

Our world is getting more and more digital. Complex process and control technology is increasingly gaining entry to electronic applications in the course of industry 4.0. This also involves the use of thermal management components, which are operated with DC voltage. STEGO with its many years of competence in DC products is aware of these needs and now focuses on this trend. DC Line items for cooling and lighting applications mark the starting point.

STEGO Filter Fan Plus Expels More Air from an Enclosure

After 26 months of research and development, 'the protectors of electronics' STEGO, launch a filter fan series that will create a sensation. Its new air-flap technology achieves considerably more efficient air circulation, which is a big plus in operational terms.

Thermostat ETL011 and Hygrostat EFL012

The electronic DC regulators Thermostat ETL011 and Hygrostat EFL012 are particularly designed for switching signal currents, and have been developed by STEGO to protect your equipment.

The Fan-Assisted Heater CSF028

The STEGO Fan-assisted Heater CSF028 is similar to the heater cube CSL028, but has several new and innovative features.

Visit STEGO at WindEnergy Hamburg

All the innovations, market trends and experts are all coming to Hamburg from 23 to 26 September for WindEnergy Hamburg 2014.

STEGO Relaunches Website

Thermal management company STEGO has relaunched its website, featuring a new style and streamlined navigation, making it simpler to use.

STEGO Makes Missions Possible

No matter how great your needs might be, and how challenging their implementation may appear, we cordially invite you to profit from our innovational strength and motivation at this year's Hannover Fair. Let us present you with perfect solutions for optimal thermal management.

STEGO’s new CSF028 fan heater series

The ingenious new CSF028 fan heater series offers additional features that make heating perfectly uncomplicated and safe. It is an enhancement of our unique and popular heater cube, the CSL028 series.

STEGO Products Are Now Listed with EPLAN

EPLAN is electrical engineering design software, offering innovative options for the planning, documentation and management of electrical design projects.

Compact Semiconductor Fan Heater

The compact fan heater prevents formation of condensation and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electronic components.

ZR011 Dual-Thermostat

The ZR011 Dual-Thermostat series is ideal when a customer wishes to control cooling and heating independently of each other, using one product. It is essentially two thermostats in one housing!

Versatility is the Key with the New STEGO Door Switch

The new DS 013 door switch is equipped with a movable positioning that is adjustable without tools. Therefore, it is possible to quickly and easily attach it. The flexible switch can also attach to various cabinets from well-known manufacturers.


Unit 12, First Quarter Business Park

Blenheim Road

Surrey KT19 9QN



United Kingdom