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Introducing DAMM’s Network Bridging Application

DAMM Cellular Systems A/S is officially launching its new bridging solution, the DAMM TetraFlex® Network Bridge. The bridge enables the extension of existing TETRA networks from other suppliers, allowing individual and group communication across networks.

With the Network Bridge, users can move between the existing TETRA network and the expansion provided by DAMM in what feels like one network. This means that terminal users will have access to the same features and services in the extension as they do in their network of origin.

The application supports the following communication features between the existing network and the expansion provided by DAMM:

  • Group calls and SDS messages
  • Individual calls and SDS messages
  • Free roaming between the networks

To learn more about this and other interoperability options from DAMM, join our live sessions at Critical Communications Week (CCWeek) taking place 2–6 November 2020. Get an introduction to the live session in the video below, and click here to sign up.

World leaders

DAMM is recognised world leaders in cutting-edge, software-defined radio communication systems built for the future of critical communications. The launch of the network bridge represents a further step forward in cost-efficient solutions that maximise performance, simplify system architecture and help to create the most resilient and flexible critical communications networks possible. To find out more about DAMM or any aspect of our solutions or services, fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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