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TetraFlex Indoor Base Station System

Tetraflex Indoor Base Station System PDF

The high-capacity DAMM Indoor System is the most user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective indoor TETRA infrastructure system available. With its high reliability and unique design, it is the ideal solution for mission-critical communications.

Full network flexibility

DAMM systems are scalable and can handle sites of any size, from one-site solutions with local coverage to large-scale multisite solutions, using any combination of outdoor and indoor DAMM base stations. Together with the intelligent DAMM TetraFlex software, simple and smooth site expansion is possible even while the system is in operation. This allows railway extensions to be performed in a painless and cost-effective manner.

The 100% IP-based technology provides full architectural network flexibility, with all network components connected in a single state-of-the-art infrastructure without the need for a central switch.

Multi-technology integration

This product is part of DAMM’s single-technology portfolio, but can be fully integrated into any of their multi-technology products.

High capacity, high efficiency

DAMM Indoor Systems can be configured with up to 16 TETRA carriers in two racks, giving a total of 64 time slots with access to all field-replaceable units and terminals from the front. Excellent receiver sensitivity is achieved with the Tower Mounted Amplifier/Duplexer (TMA/TMD) by eliminating receiver cable loss. Additionally, the TMD enables dual-diversity operation using only two antennas. DAMM Indoor Systems are characterized by extremely low power consumption and can optionally be delivered as a high output power version.

Secure and failure tolerant

Featuring full support for battery backup as well as redundant controllers, power supplies and carriers, DAMM Indoor Systems meet your highest requirements for reliability. The intelligent decentralised architecture replicates information to all sites in the network, avoiding any single point of failure.

Unlimited application integration

DAMM TetraFlex is supplied with Application Gateways for easy access to the Application Programming Interface (API), Packet Data Gateways and Voice Gateways. This gives users straightforward development of customer-designed applications or integration into existing telephone systems and control room equipment.

As an independent TETRA infrastructure provider, DAMM base stations are IOP-certified for full compatibility with all TETRA terminals, giving users the option to freely choose their favourite terminal brand.

Wide range of advanced software tools

The DAMM TetraFlex system is available with a wide range of application software. These include a Voice and Data Log System, Group Bridge and Network Bridge and a comprehensive Network Management tool, including subscriber management and network performance statistics.

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