DAMM TetraFlex Network Bridge

DAMM TetraFlex® Network Bridge PDF

The DAMM TetraFlex Network Bridge enables the extension of existing TETRA networks from other suppliers, allowing individual and group communication across networks.

When businesses, from utilities to railway operators, grow and need to expand the physical area they cover, such an expansion would also require an extension of any existing TETRA radio communication network to ensure adequate coverage and communication functionalities.

To save on costs, they may consider other more cost-effective suppliers for the extension. However, extending the network requires making adaptations to the existing network, and the only way to get this is through the existing supplier.

With the Network Bridge, such adaptations are not necessary, as it enables seamless integration of a DAMM TetraFlex network into an existing TETRA system, facilitating smooth network bridging.

The Network Bridge allows users to move between the existing TETRA network and the expansion provided by DAMM – for the users, it feels like one network offering the same kind of services as always.

It supports the following communication features between the existing network and the expansion provided by DAMM:

  • Group calls and SDS messages
  • Individual calls and SDS messages
  • Free roaming between the networks

Flexible IP structure minimises load on air interface

Communication between the two networks is, on one hand, achieved using the interoperable air interface, and on the other, through pure IP technology in the DAMM TetraFlex system. This setup ensures powerful options for minimising the load on the existing network.

Full TETRA feature set

DAMM’s network works according to the TETRA standard and is thus independent of the feature set and software status of the existing system.

User-friendly GUI

The Network Bridge software application comes with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface.

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