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Wirth Rail

Rail Suppliers for North and South America

740, Notre-Dame West,
Suite 1240,
Montréal (Qc) H3C 3X6,

740, Notre-Dame West,
Suite 1240,
Montréal (Qc) H3C 3X6,

Since 1993, MF Wirth Rail Corporation has been dedicated to supplying the highest quality rail (tee, crane, girder, contact, and guard rails) to heavy-haul railways and mass transit authorities as well as to a wide variety of industries in North and South America.

Working closely with the rail mills, Wirth Rail ensures that its customers get the quality products they need and the service they deserve.

Most of Wirth Rail’s offered sections are produced to the latest standard specifications or to specific customer requirements in fully integrated ISO 9001 certified rail mills, made from virgin iron in vacuum degassed, continuous casting processes. Rails are subjected to visual, ultrasonic, line straightness, dimensional tolerances and end straightness inspections, depending on the specifications.

The rails are then prepared for timely shipment, transported and delivered by Wirth Rail to the customer’s storage yard of job site in desired lengths or in CWR stings.

America’s leading rail supplier

Wirth Rail is a rail supplier for North and South America and works exclusively with rails. This means the company is extremely focused and has a great knowledge of the rail market and products.

We distribute the widest variety of rails, available throughout the world:

  • Tee rails (also known as vignole rails) for train track applications
  • Girder rails for tramways
  • Contact rails – electrification rail for subways / mass transit
  • Light rails for industrial and mining applications
  • Crane rails
  • Guard rails

Providing European-quality rail to the Americas

All our rails are produced in ISO 9001 rail mills in the European Union and Wirth Rail is their official / exclusive distribution channel for North and South America.

Wirth Rail handles all the logistics from the production site (Europe) to the customer’s storage yard or job site. We have monthly shipments to the various ports in the Americas, which helps in offering timely shipments and deliveries to the customers.

Mass transit rail supply

Wirth Rail focuses on mass transit projects and gladly offers its recommendations and expertise to various engineering firms and transit authorities. Working very closely with our customers, we get to develop new products or steel grades which adapt better to their specific needs and track conditions.

Streetcar / tramway rails

Wirth Rail has worked closely in the development of new lines for the very in-demand mode of transportation, the tramway. Wirth Rail is supplying the entire rail for the new tramway system being installed in Phoenix, Arizona (Valley Metro).

We are the girder supplier for the most famous streetcar in the USA, San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI). We also supply the girder rail for the streetcar of Portland, OR (TRIMET) and Toronto in Canada (TTC).

Vignole rails for light-rail projects

Wirth Rail has invested in the production of smaller vignole rail profiles, which are no longer very common but ideal for light-rail transit (LRT). These smaller vignole rail profiles include ASCE80, ASCE85, 100ARA-A and 100RE.

Wirth Rail have provided rail for LRTs across the Americas, including:

  • Brazil – CPTM (Sao Paulo), Metro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Canada – Calgary Transit, Toronto Transit Commission, Montreal AMT
  • Chile – Metro de Santiago (EFE)
  • Numerous projects in the USA and Argentina

Subway contact rail

Working closely with transit agencies, Wirth Rail has been constantly improving its contact rails for the electrification of subway lines. Our contact rail customers include:

  • Transit authority of New York (NYCT)
  • Metro Rio – Brazil (Opportrans)

Red Line Extension (RLE) Project, Chicago

The Red Line Extension (RLE) is a proposed 5.3 mile (8.5km) extension to Chicago's Red Line, which runs along 23 miles (37km) of track and is operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

CityLYNX Gold Line Street Car Project, Charlotte

The CityLYNX Gold Line, formerly known as Center City Corridor, is a 10mi (16km) streetcar project in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, US. The project, which is a key part of the Charlotte's 2030 Transit Plan, is being developed in phases.

Southeast Rail Extension, Denver

Construction on the extension of Southeast light rail system from Lincoln Avenue to RidgeGate Parkway in Douglas County, US, started in May 2016.

M.F. Wirth Rail Corporation

740, Notre-Dame West

Suite 1240

Montréal (Qc) H3C 3X6