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LUKAS Rerailing

Leading Rerailing Systems from Germany

A Unit of IDEX Corporation,
Weinstrasse 39
91058 Erlangen Germany

Leading Rerailing Systems from Germany

LUKAS develops and produces rerailing systems that enable you to rerail as quickly and safely as possible. Over 50 years of experience means that we offer top-quality products, which operate precisely and are easy to use. Choosing LUKAS’s leading system makes rail lines available for use as quickly as possible and minimises downtime costs.

User-friendly rerailing systems

Our rerailing technology is characterised by its outstanding user friendliness and well-structured technology. This can be seen from the excellent user safety; our systems can be operated fully from a safe distance. LUKAS rerailing systems are developed and produced in Germany and satisfy the highest quality standards.

LUKAS rerailing systems cover a great variety of applications so that you always get the right solution. We provide intensive consultancy based on choice and experience, and individually tailor your system to suit your needs.

Duel-direction traversing system

Thanks to the double-acting DUO traversing system you can move the load in both directions along the entire length of a bridge with absolute precision at a safe distance and without any manual intervention. The DUO traversing unit is the only system on the market that allows you to perform the complete task from a safe distance without manual conversion.

Advantages of the DUO traversing unit include:

  • Movement in two directions over the entire length of the bridge
  • Control from the control desk, at a safe distance
  • Integrated sliding plates compensate for the bowing of the vehicle
  • Adjustable distance bars connect the roller carriages and enable safe traversing on the bridge

German-manufactured rerailing equipment

We produce LUKAS rerailing equipment in Germany, meeting the highest quality standards. Our equipment was developed in 1961 in close cooperation with Deutsche Bahn. Since then, it has been further developed and continuously improved in cooperation with well-known international railway companies. We always have one goal in mind: to offer the best rerailing systems in the world.

Advantages of our German rereailing equipment include:

  • Development and production from one source
  • Long service life and low maintenance
  • Certified quality management (as per ISO 9001)
  • Seamless documentation for all products
  • Worldwide dealer and service network of certified partners

Lightweight rerailing components

One of the major advantages of LUKAS products is the lightweight designs. All components of the rerailing system are kept as small and light as possible to enable fast transport, efficient setup and easy handling. This enables you to start rerailing sooner, saving you valuable time, which is typical of LUKAS’s aim of always meeting customer needs the intelligent way.

Advantages of LUKAS’s lightweight components include:

  • Compact design, which means less space required on vehicles
  • Easier handling
  • Quickly ready for operation
  • Efficient setup
  • High-quality and long-life product components

Uprighting vehicles and rescue tools

As a specialist in rerailing technology, LUKAS can offer you the greatest variety of products in the market. The wide range of choice ensures that you use the correct systems to suit your requirements.

Thanks to decades of experience around the globe, our team offers you expert, solutions-based advice. In addition to rerailing systems, we offer systems for uprighting vehicles, as well as superior hydraulic and pneumatic rescue tools.

Advantages of these products include:

  • Sophisticated, high-quality products
  • Large choice guaranteeing you the right solution
  • Personal and expert advice
  • Worldwide dealer and service network

Experience Technology that Keeps Railways Running Smoothly

The well-conceived rerailing system from LUKAS has been the solution of choice throughout the world for decades. Choose genuine quality and a product that enables you to rerail quickly, precisely and safely. This ensures that rail lines are available for traffic again as fast as possible and that your downtime costs are minimised.

Fast and Safely on Track with the New Lukas Rerailing System

At Innotrans 2014 in Berlin, Germany, LUKAS will introduce a new rerailing system to the public. The new system offers a higher level of safety and is more ergonomic. The components are compact and lightweight. It makes the job of the user easier and safer and reduces the space required for transport, for example in a rail-road vehicle.

LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH

A Unit of IDEX Corporation

Weinstrasse 39

91058 Erlangen