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Consultancy Services for the Railway Industry

BWCS specialises in working with technology companies to maximise their business-to-business operations. We have worked extensively in the rail sector on technology projects and hosted a series of conferences on railway topics.

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HR8 1PL United Kingdom

BWCS specialises in working with technology companies to maximise their business-to-business operations. We have worked extensively in the rail sector on technology projects and hosted a series of conferences on railway topics.

Consultancy services for rail operators, train companies and regulators

We help rail operators, train companies, industry regulators and governments to make decisions that shape markets. We have a stable base of blue-chip clients who rely on our expertise.

Our transport sector clients come to us for advice on how new services can increase efficiency and attract more passengers.

Communications and broadband conferences for the railway industry

We were influential in the first launch of Wi-Fi on trains in the UK. Since 2006 we have led a series of global conferences examining these issues.

We are also working with major players in the industry on projects to upgrade their communications systems.

Our Transport Practice completed projects for the RSSB in the UK designed to generate a better understanding of the future demand for broadband services in the UK rail industry.

Global conferences for the rail sector

BWCS has held several global conferences on the future of technology in the rail sector on topics including:

  • Train communications systems
  • Rail communication regulations and management
  • Integrated CCTV and transport

BWCS conferences are different. We get involved in the subject. We work in the sector. We pick speakers, panel members and attendees who know all there is to know about the subject matter.

The result is that our conferences attract people with real-life experience of the problems facing the railway industry. We don’t invite salesmen or suppliers to give generic presentations. We ask operators who have taken the lead with forcing through a change in their company to relate how they did it. The plan is to share experiences, not listen to sales pitches.

Attendees call our conferences relaxed yet right on the money, well-organised and highly-enjoyable.

We also make sure all the speakers and attendees meet each other using our speed-networking sections. As a result, many deals and lasting friendships have been formed.

The Wi-Fi on Trains Conference: Train Communications Systems 2020

BWCS’ annual Wi-Fi on Trains Conference – Train Communications Systems 2020 will focus directly on the problems of putting Wi-Fi onto trains.

You will hear frank accounts from the train operating companies currently involved in this battle, from those trialling new trackside solutions, squeezing better connections from mobile systems, as well as those launching new innovative broadband wireless services on board their trains as they struggle to cut costs, beat the competition and enhance the passenger experience.

There is no doubt that broadband wireless services have become a vital weapon for train operators, but keeping up with this fast-moving sector is a problem.

TCS 2020 is the best place to keep abreast of the latest developments in this niche, but fast-growing sector.

This Conference has become a vital meeting point for train companies, rail administrators, suppliers and technology specialists all looking to drive this sector forward. Can you afford to miss out?

Join the debate, question the train companies that have launched services and find out where they will take them next. Almost every train operator from around the world that has launched a Wi-Fi on-Trains service will be present. This is your chance to meet the people who are shaping this market, who are driving it forward and bringing in new services, ideas and technologies.

Please be advised that places are extremely limited and are selling out fast. To reserve your place now, please use the online order form or the Enquiry Form on this page.

Held in London on 10 and 11 June 2020, in central London, the Conference attracts train operators and suppliers from all over the world. Those attending will hear directly from train companies that are launching services, adding new cost-cutting solutions and driving up passenger numbers by adding integrated broadband solutions.

BWCS has worked with all the major players in this new market to make Train Communications Systems 2020 a success. Over two days, a combination of interactive workshops, panel sessions, presentations and networking sessions will explore the commercial and technical issues arising from the deployment of these services around the region.

As ever, the Conference will provide a great networking opportunity and a very limited number of sponsorship positions are still available. For further information on getting involved please fill in the Enquiry Form.


BWCS The European Market for Train Based Broadband Wireless Services

Rail operators are not only in competition amongst themselves but much more significantly with other modes of transport. Some countries in Central Europe have experienced severe, even alarming, falls in passenger numbers over the last 30 years and are making sustained efforts to stop the haemorrhage.

On-Train Wi-Fi User Numbers to Rocket

The number of passengers accessing Wi-Fi on trains across Europe is set to soar to over 5.3 billion by 2028, almost five times the current total, according to figures from, BWCS’ new online database launched today.

App, App and Away for Indian Railways

Indian Railways is reportedly taking a leap down the digital track by developing more than 200 mobile phone applications aimed at tourists, travellers, and staff.

Major Wi-Fi on Trains Conference Set for 2018

The battle to put 'customer-acceptable' Wi-Fi on trains is heating up. Trackside trials are appearing across the world and significant sums are set to be poured into this niche market.

ScotRail to Trial ‘Fastest On-Train Wi-Fi Service in the World’

Passengers on the Edinburgh-Glasgow train route will soon be able to experience "Super-fast" on-board WiFi. According to reports in The Scotsman newspaper, Cisco is spearheading a project that will boost wireless connection speeds by a factor of ten to 300Mbps. This step-up in speed is being enabled by adding new wireless masts and technology supplied by Fluidmesh along the route.

Deadline Looms for Second WiFi-on-Metros Contract in India

Bidders are currently sharpening their pencils as the deadline draws close for submissions to offer a Wi-Fi on trains service the Kochi Metro. Those interested in getting on board with the soon-to-be-launched 26km long service have until the 8 April to finalise their offers.

Regional Trains in Germany to Receive Wi-Fi

German train operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) has begun rolling out passenger Wi-Fi services on its regional train network. This year's Wi-Fi on Trains Conference hosted by BWCS in London in June, will feature presentations on the launch of Wi-Fi on both DB Regio and DB's high-speed ICE fleet.

UK Government under Pressure to Legislate for Higher Train Wi-Fi Speeds

Louise Haigh, Labour's digital economy spokeswoman, has pushed the UK government to commit to fast rail broadband through legislation. According to reports in The Guardian newspaper, the MP for Sheffield Heeley is planning to table an amendment to the UK's Digital Economy Bill, which is due to return to the House of Commons floor next week.

Only a Few Spaces Left at BWCS’ Wi-Fi on Trains Conference

Train operators around the world face a major dilemma. While putting Wi-Fi on their trains boosts ticket sales and cuts costs, interruptions to the service leave passengers frustrated and itching to vent their spleen on Twitter. Clearly, faster, more robust connections are needed, but in a world of patchy mobile coverage and demand bottlenecks how can train operators achieve this?

Amtrak Expanding On-Board Wi-Fi Service

US train operator Amtrak announced it is expanding the availability of its cellular-based on-board Wi-Fi service, AmtrakConnect. At the same time as it rolls out coverage to 90% of its trains, the company said it will add 'new wireless technology on board' and that this will lead to 'overall improvements in reliability and performance'.

Keynote Speakers to Discuss Future Path of On-Train WiFi at Train Comms Conference

BWCS is delighted to announce a major keynote speaker for this year's Wi-Fi on Trains Conference, Train Communications Systems 2016 (London, 8 and 9 June). Gavin James, project sponsor of the Digital Railways Group in the Department for Transport and the man behind the government's proposed £50 million investment in free on-train Wi-Fi in the UK, will report back on the consultation that he announced exclusively at last year's Wi-Fi on Trains Conference.

Spain Bets Heavily on Free On-Train WiFi

Spanish national train operator RENFE is to offer free WiFi connections to passengers on its much-lauded high-speed AVE trains. According to reports in the national daily El Pais, the service will begin on some routes by the end of this year.

Better On-Train WiFi In Scotland

Dutch company Abellio has revealed plans to improve on-board WiFi services on all ScotRail routes. Abellio said in a statement that "Rail passengers must have access to high-quality and reliable WiFi."

NS Opts for 4G and Fair Use Policy in Bid to Boost WiFi Speed for All Passengers

The entire Dutch inter-city fleet will be equipped with 4G mobile internet connections by the end of this summer, claims public transport body OV Magazine, with the first inter-city trains with high-speed internet already operational. National train company, NS, has offered free on-board WiFi since 2010, but it has recently been bedevilled by customer complaints about speed of connections and even gaps in service.

Running Order Available For the WiFi on Trains Conference

The full running order and brochure is now ready for this year's WiFi on Trains Conference: Train Communications Systems 2014 (London, 11 and 12 June)! The main speakers will include Network Rail, who will discuss plans for the future of trackside wireless systems in the UK.

CCTV on Trains in Focus

SNCF and Israeli Railways are the latest train operators to join the throng heading to BWCS's Rail CCTV 2013 Conference this November. The conference is the only event to focus directly on the issues facing transport groups and rail authorities as they struggle to make trains and stations more secure and develop new cost-saving systems to capitalise on the emerging generation of IP cameras.

Rail CCTV Conference 2013 (6 and 7 November)

BWCS will be hosting their fourth annual conference on Rail CCTV this November in London. The event is the only one to focus directly on the issues facing train companies, transport groups and rail authorities as they struggle to make trains and stations more secure, gain direct access to on-train CCTV images and develop new cost-saving systems to capitalise on the emerging generation of IP cameras.

Global Gathering to Discuss the Future of Broadband Wireless Services to Trains

BWCS has issued the last call to register for this year's WiFi on Trains Conference - Train Communications Systems Conference 2013. The event has already attracted train operators and suppliers from Russia, the US, the Ukraine Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Norway and elsewhere, all keen to hear about the latest developments in this fast-moving sector.

Does Free WiFi Really Increase Ticket Sales?

The problem with offering free WiFi to train customers is - it's hard to know how much they value it. Do they simply expect it to be there, as it is on many buses, in McDonalds eateries and even pubs? Or do they rush home, tell their friends and put their cars on e-Bay in order to fund greater train travel?

UK Government to Boost On-Train Connectivity

WiFi on trains in Britain is to receive a major fillip, with government money being earmarked to help fund this growing sector. Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is set to help finance on-board WiFi services in his forthcoming budget.

Registration Now Open for Train Communications Systems Conference 2013

As on-board WiFi becomes an ever more vital weapon for train operators, a global gathering of transport companies and new system suppliers is expected to descend on London on 12 and 13 June for BWCS's Train Communications Systems 2013. Registration for the event is now open.

Olympic Lessons for Rail CCTV Sector

Making better use of a massive fixed resource through new technologies is the theme of BWCS' third Rail CCTV Conference this November. Train and metro operators, rail authorities and new technology companies from around the world will gather to discuss the latest developments in on-board and station-based CCTV and how new systems can help reduce costs, tackle crime and enhance the security and safety of passengers.

Britain Leads Europe in Internet Access on Trains

The UK is leading Europe in the race to get broadband wireless services onto trains, according to a new report from the consulting firm BWCS. The number of WiFi-equipped train carriages in Britain has reached 2,000, which far exceeds the closest rivals Germany (911) and Italy (995) and dwarfs the French figure of 416.

Advanced Train Operators Gather to Discuss New Broadband Services

Train operators from across Europe, the Middle East and the US will gather in London next month to share their wireless know-how at Train Communications Systems 2012. Hosted by transport and wireless consultancy BWCS, the conference will examine the issues associated with launching new broadband services to and from trains.

The European Market for Train-Based Wireless Broadband Services

On-train passenger entertainment and operational cost-saving services are being revolutionised by the supply of broadband wireless services to trains, argues a new report titled The European Market for Train-Based Wireless Broadband Services 2012, by Transport and wireless Consultancy BWCS.