BWCS has further enhanced its Internet4Trains online database by adding coverage of Australia and the US.

The two new profiles join 30 European countries, as well as China and India, in the consultancy’s invaluable online trove of who is doing what, and where the opportunities lie in this burgeoning sector.

Internet4Trains is a continuously updated, online database covering a series of national markets for WiFi on Trains, the train operators, established and emerging, as well as all of the major suppliers.

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According to Ross Parsons, one of the authors of the Database contents: “So far, the customer base has told us they are delighted with the scope and detail contained in the password-protected site,” he claimed. “Companies are using this as the basis of research into new opportunities, developing new contacts and keeping an eye on European and global developments in this fast-moving sector, as well as scoping out future areas of interest. It’s really a unique service”

According to figures from Internet4Trains, by 2028, as on-board Wi-Fi becomes prevalent in regional and commuter train services across Europe, 76% of all train carriages in Europe will be equipped to offer passenger Wi-Fi, up from 30.6% in 2018.

In 2018, the number of train travellers using on-board internet services in Europe stood at just over 1.27 billion (12%) of the total and BWCS predicts that this will rise to over 5.3 billion (43% of total) within ten years.

However, the consultancy warns that without significant investment in many markets, on-board Wi-Fi services may fail to meet passenger expectations.

For the first time, BWCS has brought together all of its contacts, knowledge, research and reporting of this market in one place. The Internet4Trains database covers all of the European markets for on-train Wi-Fi services, in addition to China, India, Australia and the US. Each market will now be updated on an ongoing basis.

BWCS is constantly monitoring developments in the Wi-Fi on Trains sector within each national market. For more information about how to access our international database of interviews and market developments go to the Internet4trains website or fill out the enquiry form.

On-board Wi-Fi, trackside networks, the growing market for passenger Wi-Fi services and on-board entertainment will also be the main subjects of BWCS’s Wi-Fi on Trains Conference 2019 on the 4-5 June.

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