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Sensor Technology Made in Germany

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Sensor Technology Made in Germany

30 years of experience in Sensor Technology, made in Germany

High-quality, innovative sensor technology products have been synonymous with CAPTRON since 1983. The focus of development and production is on capacitive sensors for use primarily in industrial automation, traffic and transport and building technology.

Since 1994, CAPTRON Electronic has produced capacitive sensor switches for the traffic engineering. Since 2006, capacitive SENSORswitches have been used successfully in the field of safety technology in public transport, such as emergency call and information pillars. In May 2009, CAPTRON was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Capacitive technology for door opening button, push button, touch button, sensor button, sensor switch and LED button

Special capacitive technology means that just a light touch on the sensor area is all that is required. The touch button does not need to be pressed with much force, which is an important advantage, especially for children, elderly and passengers with limited mobility.

Therefore our products follow the recommendations of the associations and evidently meet the required standards and guidelines of the railway industry. Intelligent and high-tech sensor technology prevents unintended operations that might be caused by rain, dirt or frost.

CAPTRON SENSORswitches Capacitive principle: The SENSORswitches are capacitive buttons that are operating only by contact with the hand or other body parts without pressure or force. The non-pressure switch provides maximum comfort for all users and applications.
CAPTRON SENSORswitches for traffic and transport: Our core competencies are capacitive sensors, which are used as door opener, switches and stop request
buttons in the railway industry.
CHT3 SENSORswitch has an operating surface Ø 50mm: CAPTRON CHT3 SENSORswitches are TSI-PRM-certified for use in vehicles. The CHT3 cover ring ring is available in a huge range of different types and colours.
CHT4 SENSORswitch has an operating surface Ø 63mm: The SENSORswitches CHT4 are suitable for wall mounting. They can be installed on the inside or outside of the vehicle, and also as SOS buttons in emergency phone pillars, and as such they offer extreme flexibility. Moreover, the CHT4 can be equipped with an acoustical and tactile feedback.
CHT5 - mounting behind glass: The CHT5 SENSORswitch can be fixed by adhesive mounting behind glass. A glass cut-out is not necessary. The product can be operated on both sides of the glass - from inside the vehicle as well as from outside through the glass.
CHT51 – operation two sided through double glass: CHT51 SENSORswitches glued on glass (e.g. vehicle door) makes it possible to switch through double glass and can be operated from two sides.
CHT6/61-series - adhesive mounting behind glass: The CHT6 is attached by an adhesive tape to the inside of the door. A cut-out of the glass is not necessary.
HWT2 Stop request button with touch control: The stop request SENSORswitches from CAPTRON work with capacitive technology. The HWT2 was designed in accordance with TSI-PRM directives and offers visual feedback with total twelve LEDs in two different colours.
HWT3 stop request button with graphic display: The HWT3 is equipped with a graphic display, which can represent up to four moving images (LCD module with 64x72 pixels).

Application area for traffic and transport

Our products are used worldwide in buses, trams, metros and high-speed trains (bullet trains), regional and national trains, safety systems and emergency call and information pillars and many other areas of local and long-distance public transport.

The additional charge for this technology is in turn lucrative for you

In the long run you save huge costs because of the longevity of our products. With more than 100 million switching cycles, SENSORswitches are exceptionally reliable. In addition, you have no further fees for regular maintenance. Whether wall, door or glass installation, the SENSORswitches can be fitted to its special design flexible and fast and cause only minor setup costs.

Unique products in the field of sensor technology

  • Touch control: no mechanical pressure required and therefore specifically suitable for children, the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Extensive service life guaranteed: more than 100 million hysteresis makes CAPTRON SENSORswitches exceptionally reliable and maintenance-free
  • Flexible and fast installation: suitable for people with disabilities, switching through single or double glass, and no need to drill holes in panes
  • Braille, relief on the coloured ring and large surface (25cm2) according to DIN 7577
  • Highly shock-resistant and vandal-proofed: the sensor can not be destroyed and disabled by lighter flames, several blows or graffiti
  • Optical, acoustical and tactile feedback, which occurs visually by 16 bright red and green LED-lights, audible by a beep or tactile by vibration
  • 100% water and oil-proof: Degrees of protection (IP 69K), Sensor completely sealed in cast resin
  • Symbols and icons: Choose one of about 300 symbols or create your own icon

Services and options

The company’s management team offers great flexibility and solutions that meet the needs of customers and applications. Beyond the standard product portfolio, CAPTRON is a specialist for individual customer and application solutions. We also offer the opportunity to make your own sensor.

Johann-G.-Gutenberg-Str. 7
D-82140 Olching

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