Capacitive stop-request button with optical feedback (LEDs)

The HWT2 from CAPTRON is the first and, so far, only capacitive stop-request button worldwide. This is suitable both for mounting on walls and rods of different diameters (30mm, 34mm and 35mm). The innovative mounting system enables installation without visible screws.

The HWT2 is only activated after being touched for approximately 0.2secs to prevent unintentional operation of the switch. 12 bright LEDs and an optional signal tone ensures an optical and acoustic response to the user.

Thanks to the optional actuation green and red LEDs, two operating states can be displayed. This means that the HWT2 can be used as a dual-function switch; for requesting a stop and for door opening. The stop-request switch is also available with blue LEDs on request. A customer-specific design of the symbols also allows optical recognition of the dual function.

The housing of the switch can be equipped with Braille and tactile, easy-to-find relief arrows for visually impaired persons. The switch is easy to use and has an exceptionally long service life of several 100 million switching cycles by wear-free switching.