Capacitive stop-request button with graphic display (LCD)

The HWT3 stop-request button is a dual-function switch with with LCD graphic display that enables stop requests and door opening. By combining a capacitive switch and an illuminated graphic display, the SENSORswitch offers high user-friendliness and simplified use.

The HWT3 shows the user four moving image sequences, visually indicating the relevant driving situation to the passenger. Different sequences such as stop request, ramp requirement or door opening in buses and trains can be individually configured, according to the customer’s requirements.

The HWT3 is suitable for mounting on rods of different diameters (30mm, 34mm and 35mm).

Reliable and convenient

Unlike mechanical push buttons, a slight touch of the hand or finger on the capacitive touch area can trigger a stop request. The easy-to-use button is particularly ideal for children, the elderly and persons with restricted mobility. The stop-request button version designed for the disabled features Braille on the housing, optional blue LEDs and a signal tone.

The all-electronic HWT3 also has an extraordinarily long service life of several 100 million switching cycles.