Capacitive sensors for adhesive mounting behind glass and for activation through single and double glazing

The SENSORswitches in the CHT6 and CHT61 series have been specially designed for operation on single glazing (CHT6) and double glazing (CHT61).

Every capacitive switch in these two ranges is activated by merely touching the glass surface with your hand or finger; no power or pressure is required due to the precise sensitivity of the switch. This makes the switches easy to use, especially for children, the elderly or people with restricted mobility.

The switches can also be ordered with Braille and relief arrows on the coloured ring forvisually impaired passengers.

Easy to operate and install

Convenient and easy operation of the capacitive door opening switches is well supported by 16 extremely bright and coloured LEDs. No mounting or drill holes are required in the glass pane for installation and use.

Both switches can be used in a large range of applications, particularly in transportation technology where they can be used as door opening and stop-request switches.

Several 100 million switching cycles of the SENSORswitch guarantee an extremely long service life. The outside ring of the switches is available in different RAL colours and individually designed symbols.