Adhesive mounting onto clear or dark-tinted glass

The SENSORswitch in the CHT7 series is a capacitive switch that has been designed for adhesive mounting for the inner window pane. No drill holes are required for mounting, as the fastening components of the CHT7 switch are attached by using high-performance adhesive film. The sensor element is clipped by an O-ring in the attachment.

The switches are optionally available for transparent glass surfaces.

Flexible fields of application in transportation technology

Thanks to its design, the CHT7 range is flexible in terms of its use. It can be used as a stop-request switch or as a door opening switch. When the switch is activated, the passenger receives an optical and tactile response.

SENSORswitches are also characterised by their long service life, resulting from the all-electronic, encapsulated design:

  • CHT7-1 has been designed for adhesive mounting (suitable for dark-tinted glass)
  • CHT7-1/PL is suitable for transparent glass surfaces and includes a sight cover with adhesive film across the entire surface
  • CHT7-6 has been designed for angle mounting in window and door profiles.