Adhesive mounting on glass or metal surfaces

The SENSORswitch CHT9 series are capacitive switches with an exceptionally flexible range of mounting and application options on glass or metal surfaces. The switches can be used for opening doors in transportation and building technology industries and comes in a hygienic glass version for applications in the medical and foodstuffs sectors. It can quickly and easily mounted using adhesives so no mounting holes are required. However, a drill hole is needed for the centrally positioned connection.

Hygienic SENSORswitch made from safety glass

The hygienic ‘CHT9-G’ switch version can be mounted using a special stainless-steel bracket and silicone, ensuring a maximum degree of hygiene.

Additional product features

The switches are also optionally available with optical, tactile and acoustic response technology, as well as with Braille on the outside ring for handicapped people. With several 100 million switching cycles, capacitive switches have a much longer service life than mechanical push buttons.

Additional features of the CHT9 switches include:

  • Adhesive mounting; no screws required
  • Exceptionally flat design (3mm)
  • The front is made of hardened safety glass and allows for hygienic cleaning