Bel Power Solutions and Protection has released the TET4000 Series, a 4,000W power supply offering high efficiency (Titanium) power conversion for data centres.

The series is suitable for data centres being built to open compute project (OCP), open data centre committee (ODCC) or central office re-architected as a data center (CORD) standards.

The TET4000 Series is the highest power 48VDC model in Bel Power’s power supply portfolio and one of very few 4,000W 48VDC server power supplies available as standard product.

The adoption of 48V for data centre power distribution is accelerating within the data centre ecosystem as it can improve power usage effectiveness (PUE), lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and boost computing density and rack utilisation.

The new TET4000 Series is designed to provide peak efficiency over 97.5%, classified as Titanium level, the highest efficiency classification for power supplies. These new 48V data centres and central offices are equipped with high-performance servers and supercomputers running scalable and distributed computing of large volumes of data.

Housed in a compact form factor (69mm × 40.5mm × 530 mm), Bel Power’s TET4000 Series can convert standard AC mains power into a main output of 48VDC, which is programmable from 42VDC to 58VDC, with power-factor correction (PFC).

Both the normal and reverse airflow models are hot-pluggable and feature parallel operation with active current sharing or analogue bus and full digital controls for improved performance.

The TET4000 Series delivers a power density of 44W/in³ and incorporates soft-switching resonant techniques in conjunction with synchronous rectification, providing increased system reliability and very high efficiency.

The TET4000 Series provides an always-on +12V 60W standby output and a CAN communication interface for monitoring, control and firmware update via bootloader. These power supplies meet international safety standards and display the CE-mark for the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and have patents pending.

Samples of the TET4000 Series are available upon request from Bel sales representatives. The TET4000 Series is available from Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow, Newark element14 and Farnell element14.

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