Stewart Connector has released its USB 2.0 Type-B connectors for small, robust and reliable I/O connectors in compliance with universal serial bus standards.

Stewart USB Type-B connectors are designed in a vertical and horizontal configuration and able to support data speeds up to 480Mbps for USB 2.0 applications. Stewart’s USB Type B connectors have a frog leg shield pin design to increase reliability during the soldering process and later in the product’s lifecycle.

All Stewart Connector USB connectors are plated with 30 microinches of gold on each contact so that USB 2.0 connectors can withstand a peak current of 1.5A per contact.

Stewart’s USB connectors are also moulded in LCP plastic, which allows for extended operating temperatures from -55°C to 85°C. Stewart’s USB 2.0 Type-B connectors are designed to meet the industries increasing demand for economic solutions where space and faster data rates are a premium.

These small form factor, very robust and highly reliable USB connectors are used in IoT devices, printers and compact power devices.

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