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Rail Track Maintenance Devices

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Konepaja Mankinen develops and manufactures ENERCO® track maintenance machines, specialised railway building applications and devices.

All of our equipment has been designed, tested and used in adverse weather conditions and at a temperature range between -40°C and 45°C.

Mankinen’s key products include rail wheel sets for universal excavators with height limiter switches and other safety devices. We also deliver rail wheel sets in different specifications and manufacture customised devices, which are based on the client’s requirements.

Our products are fitted with a quick-change clamping mechanism and used with 15t to 20t class excavators, in order to ensure effective working processes with high-performance and less manpower to reduce risks and costs.

1. The PM-20 is steering a new rail onto the concrete sleepers.
2. The RT-10 on the way to perform tamping work to the renovated rail.
3. The K-125 snow brush cleaning the parallel railways.
5. The KT-30, which is ready for insulation joint exchange work.
6. A newly replaced D-5 grinding stone.
7. Two R-Emergency trolleys loaded with a local train bogie.
A typical rear rail wheel installation.

Excavator-mounted rail handling devices

The ENERCO excavator-mounted PM-20 combination device has both a rail grabbing and rail guiding feature. The turning movement from grabbing to guiding as well as tilt motion is executed by an optional rotating-tilt head. All the power-operated functions are hydraulic.

The rail guidance feature is made by locating the free-rolling steel wheels under the rail head and pushing the wheels forward with an excavator boom. So, by this way, the excavator builds a new rail for itself.

The PM-20 can lift and handle different profile rails, which measure up to 150m in length.

Hydraulic tamping machines

Our ENERCO RT-10 is an excavator-operated hydraulic vibrating tamping aggregate for sleepers, rails, joints and switches with four identical, easily exchangeable tools with a length of 540mm.

The excavator must be equipped with a rotating-tilt head for optimum performance. The device has an adjustable stopper to configure the tamping depth.

Ice and snow removal brushes

The K-125 snow brush with built-in scraper plate efficiently cleans rails and platforms, and with its hard metal scraper, the K-125 also easily removes hard snow and ice.

Combined concrete sleeper-changing and ballast-grabbing device

ENERCO’s new CSC-100 excavator boom-mounted combination device collects crushed stone, macadam and ballast debris from around the sleeper by the narrow clamshell grab and then tilts the device by 90° by Rototilt.

The device features floating, rubber-coated clampers, which can clamp, shift and change sleepers on different locations in and out.

Hydraulic rail gap adjusters

The KT-30 rail gap adjuster is equipped with a man-powered double-acting hydraulic unit with a pulling and pushing force of 30kN. Its jaws will be clamped on both sides of the rail top and the insulation joint between the rail ends can be easily mounted or changed.

The adjuster is equipped with steel wheels to simplify its movement on the rail.

Rail profile grinders

ENERCO’s D-5 profile grinder is equipped with two sets of rail wheels.

There are three versions available: a two-stroke, four-stroke gasoline engine and electrical motor for indoor use. A special version is also available for rail crossings.

The construction of grinding stone feed gear is unique, durable and airtight against dust and feed inclination. The frame has a pedal with three fast-locking positions, which can be fixed against the running surface, edge and side of the rail head.

Emergency trolley for breakdowns and accidents

The R-Emergency trolley manufactured by ENERCO is used, for example when there is an accident and bearing breakdown in wagon.

With a maximum axle load of 31t, the problem rail wheel pair can be loaded onto the trolley and towed away for repairs.

About Mankinen

A supplier of new and second-hand equipment, Mankinen has been developing rail track maintenance machines and devices for more than 60 years.

We produce all ENERCO products in-house, which gives us a fast and flexible production lead time and a short reaction time in service cases and customising.


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