Standard and Sunlight Readable Displays for Public Information and Advertising , On-board Entertainment and Safety

Global Display Solutions Spa,
Via Tezze di Cereda 20/A,
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Global Display Solutions Spa,
Via Tezze di Cereda 20/A,
Cornedo Vicentino,
Vicenza 36073 Other,

For over 30 years, GDS has provided customised display products, solutions and services to a wide range of clients across diverse markets. We are proud to have pioneered solutions and technologies such as outdoor information displays, outdoor LCDs, high-brightness displays, sunlight-readable displays, piezo inverters, large-screen optical-bonding displays, and thermal-management systems for outdoor applications.

Today we continue at the forefront of the displays industry, continuously improving and investing in new solutions and applications such as high-brightness LED-backlighting to maintain our best-in-class position.

Custom displays for trains, aircraft, buses and metro vehicles

According to transportation sector needs, we can produce a wide range of products for trains, aircraft, buses and metro-vehicle applications. All our display solutions are personalised to your requirements and specifications and we will work as a partner throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Sunlight-readable outdoor information displays

Our outdoor information display solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies that deliver crisp, clear, sunlight-readable images. Built to last, our outdoor information displays feature a thermal-management system that allows them to operate even in direct sunlight.

They are available in anti-vandal, NEMA4/IP65 weather-proof casings, ensuring they will operate all day, in sun, snow, rain or humid conditions.

Large-screen, indoor LCD displays

GDS’ large-screen LCD displays are available in a wide range of sizes to suit most indoor spaces.

Standard features include 24/7 operation and anti-vandal enhancements, ideal for public areas, with uptime critical for the display of public information or advertising.

GDS displays facilitate fast and easy maintenance, and support full network connectivity including remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Advertising and outdoor information displays

Our outdoor information displays can provide digital advertising space with brilliant images, adding a potential revenue opportunity as well as providing critical information.

Displays for rail stations, shops, waiting rooms and airports

GDS displays are designed to be aesthetically pleasing from all angles including the back (no cabling is visible). This makes our displays ideal for shops, waiting rooms, airports and railway stations.

On-board displays for cockpits, dashboards and passenger cabins

We develop displays for on-board use in cockpits, dashboards and passenger cabins. Our solutions can be designed to clients’ specifications and to be compliant with the needs of the marine, avionics, automotive and railway markets.

Bus, plane, train and metro-vehicle LCD on-board displays

We can also develop advanced LCD on-board display solutions which can be installed at a prominent place inside a bus, plane, train or metro vehicle. They are ideal not only for informing passengers of the next scheduled stop but also for delivering advertising messages, tourist information or entertainment programmes while people travel.

Ruggedised, anti-reflective and sunlight-readable displays

GDS has a long history of creating displays that meet specific legal requirements. Innovations in the areas of anti-reflective, sunlight-readable displays ensure a high-quality end product that meets or exceeds specifications. Our display solutions are ruggedised to meet the demands of a wide range of environmental working conditions.

Ruggedised, anti-vandal, sunlight-readable self-service kiosks

The self-service market is growing very quickly in the transportation sector, led by airline check-in, baggage and ticketing units, as well as hotel check-in devices.

Our integrated self-service solution for public transportation companies is a modern marketing tool and offers the possibility to combine multimedia information with paper or electronic ticketing and other specific services such as kiosks to change reservation details and for airport self-check-in. We also specialise in outdoor applications and can offer ruggedised, anti-vandal, sunlight-readable kiosk solutions.

Our kiosk solutions feature:

  • Connection information, schedules and fares
  • Dynamic departure displays
  • Electronic ticketing or paper tickets
  • Audio/video support and consultation
  • Tourist and city information
  • Billed services (internet, email and SMS)
  • Automatic check-in (for airports, buses, subways and trains)
  • Electronic billboards for advertising
  • Reservation information
  • Car rental self-service kiosks

About GDS

Our position as the chosen partner of some of the world’s leading companies has been achieved and maintained by providing world-class solutions, products and services. Our business units (displays, kiosks, printers, electronic manufacturing services and energy) operate as a synergistic team worldwide (in Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific region).

While this scale is essential for competitiveness in global markets, so too is flexibility, and the unique way our business units are structured allows GDS to handle a diverse mix of products and volumes.

CTA Chooses GDS as its Platform Display Provider

The Chicago Transit Authority selected Global Display Solutions' outdoor LCD displays for its Train Tracker project, aimed at improving the communication with riders waiting on platforms.

GDS Hantarex Extends its DS Roll-Out with IGPDecaux

After the success of the Milan subway and airports installations, IGP Decaux has chosen once more GDS Hantarex's new, cutting-edge solutions, to extend its DIGITAL network to Brescia subway and Torino Caselle airport, along with the revamp of Malpensa.

Bombardier Transportation Ltd (UK) Has Appointed Global Display Solutions (GDS) To Supply PIS (Passenger Information Systems) Displays for the Prestigious Crossrail

Running over 100km from Reading to Heathrow in the west, through new tunnels under central London to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east, Crossrail is Europe's largest construction project. Crossrail will transform rail transport in London, increasing capacity by 10%, supporting regeneration and cutting journey times across the city.

GDS launches Enerlight® Technology for Railways

GDS has developed a new proprietary technology called Enerlight® to enhance the passenger travel experience by improving the quality of digital information displayed on LCD monitors used in passenger information systems.

GDS MIDAS Outdoor Displays Best Choice for Chicago Transit Authority

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has selected a 38in ultra-wide outdoor display from Global Display Solutions for their platform train tracker display. These state-of-the-art displays are being deployed on all CTA platforms to provide passengers with up to the minute status of scheduled stops, local news, time and weather, emergency notifications and additional information to enhance the rider's experience.

The Largest Optically Enhanced Video Wall in Europe: Another GDS Installation in Oslo

The largest optically enhanced LCD video wall in Europe has been installed by GDS in Oslo Central Station, the busiest railway station in Norway. The result is impressive; the brand new G-Wall installed in Oslo covers an area of nearly 60m² and is a great improvement on the previous one, which had old fluorescent tubes installed in 1999.

GDS Optically Enhanced Video Wall in Oslo National Theatre Station

The brand new optically enhanced video wall manufactured by GDS for Jernbaneverket (JBV), the Norwegian State Rail Administration, has been inaugurated on 20 September. The new timetable display installed in the National Theatre railway station, Oslo is made of 25 pieces of 46in LCD displays with improved readability in high ambient light conditions.

GDS Supplies CCTV Displays to Bombardier

GDS has been selected by Bombardier to supply HMI displays for onboard applications. GDS’s CCTV displays will be installed in 200 new trains built for the French market. GDS has been chosen for the high quality, high readability and high reliability that GDS technology and IRIS certifi

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