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Suomen Vaimennin (SV-Shocks) is a traditional shock absorber and damper manufacturer. We have produced and designed shock absorbers for railway vehicles for over 45 years. We also design and manufacture industry-recognised shock absorbers for other heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, trailers, buses, military vehicles and industrial purposes. Our production plant is located in Järvenpää, in southern Finland. Today, 85% of our production is exported around the world through our worldwide distribution network.

SV-Shocks is a quality orientated company and we have been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 3834 and EN 15085.

Railway horizontal and vertical hydraulic dampers

As a result of demands for higher railway speeds and passenger comfort, hydraulic dampers are more important than ever. Horizontal and vertical damping plays a key role in the achievement of stability and the reduction of vibrations by transforming kinetic energy into thermal energy. As a trusted partner and specialist in world of damper products, our company is totally committed to offering the best possible solutions for each rail transportation system.

Railway shock absorbers

SV has broad industry experience and a worldwide reputation for reliable and long-life products, meeting the needs of even highly customised applications. As a flexible manufacturer and a pioneer in valve technology we are able to produce tailored products according to local needs. SV railway shock absorbers are well known as high-quality products. Every shock absorber is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory to meet our highest quality requirements. Our high quality products provide a safe and maintenance free operation until the next planned major overhaul of the bogies.

SV manufactures railway shock absorbers and dampers for:

  • Primary and secondary suspension (horizontal and vertical)
  • Yaw dampers
  • Anti-roll dampers (between two cars)
  • Special applications

Railway shock absorbers for primary and secondary suspension

We specialise in railway dampers and shock absorbers for challenging conditions where variable amplitudes, higher velocities, accelerations and challenging environmental conditions are confronted. In these applications the ultimate performance and long service-life of SV railway shock absorbers excel.

Railway dampers

Our production and design skills enable us to produce a large variety of railway dampers in large or short production runs. We can manufacture shock absorbers for every purpose, ensuring that the specific requirements of all customers are met quickly and efficiently. SV-Shocks is committed to the delivery of reliable products to the market.

Properties of SV dampers for railway applications include:

  • Low friction and long-life piston rod seals, with multiple seal lips
  • Non-metallic contact between moving parts, which results in the reduction of wear
  • Strong and robust construction for extended operation life
  • Repairable design is available
  • Highest quality silent blocks
  • Noise-free valves in all dampers

Railway shock absorber and damper repair

SV-Shocks has recently invested in state-of-the-art testing technology and upgraded all of its existing test systems. With our extremely powerful testing devices, we can perform demanding performance and durability tests in any position and at any waveforms.

Our servo-hydraulic test systems can perform tests up to 50kN forces with velocities from 0.001m/s up to 5m/s. We also offer testing services for railway shock absorbers and dampers of other brands; if you have testing needs please contact us for more information. The SV factory also offers a comprehensive repair and test service for all of our shock absorbers.

Railway shock absorbers and dampers

Our production enables us to produce railway dampers in large or short series. We can manufacture shock absorbers for every purpose, ensuring that the specific requirements of all customers are met quickly and efficiently. SV is committed to the manufacture of reliable products to the market.

Suomen Vaimennin

Laurilantie 5

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