Vibration Isolation Systems

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As a member of the ROCKWOOL Group of companies – the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of stone wool – the vision of RockDelta is to preserve a comfortable environment by controlling unwanted ground-borne noise and vibrations through our high-quality vibration isolation systems.

Based upon two distinct product lines – RockBallast® for anti-vibration treatment of ballasted tracks and RockXolid® for anti-vibration treatment of floating slab tracks – our innovative product portfolio consists of mat-based vibration isolation systems to help control ground-borne vibrations.

In the product portfolio is also RockGuard® – a product line recently introduced – which has been developed using a new unique technology ensuring ultra-high fatigue resistance and durability even under extreme climate conditions.

Advantages of RockGuard include:

  • Optimum protection against ballast attrition
  • Reduction of ballast height on bridges and in underpasses
  • Improved sub-grade protection
  • Effective bridge noise reduction
  • Accredited according to DIN 45673-5

RockDelta vibration isolation systems have been installed since 1974.

Anti-vibration mats

Our high-efficiency, durable, stone wool based anti-vibration mats provide attenuation of vibration by resiliently decoupling the track from the ground. RockDelta vibration isolation mats are high-efficiency, full-contact and resilient.

Floating slab track anti-vibration mats

RockXolid resilient mats for floating slab tracks form a resilient support system that effectively decouples the concrete slab from the ground. Vibrational forces are attenuated as they pass through the resilient support system.

Ballast track vibration isolation

The RockDelta solution for vibration isolation of ballast track is based on a three-stage approach using RockBallast® resilient mats as the core element. The system consists of a unique, patented dual-density sub ballast mat with:

  • A soft resilient layer, designed to have an extended lifetime
  • A force-distributing, high-density top layer

The final component is a first-rate, composite product comprising two membranes of non-woven geotextile and a load-distributing core. This purpose-built geotextile exhibits high puncture resistance, high tensile strength, superb filtering characteristics and excellent water flow capacity while perfectly deforming under the load of the ballast and also enabling easy ballast replacement.

Advantages of RockBallast and RockXolid anti-vibration mats include:

  • Excellent dynamic properties with superb volume compressibility
  • Sustain very high pressure
  • Exceptional fatigue resistance
  • Outstanding functional performance under any climatic conditions
  • Fully documented specifications based upon exhaustive tests
  • Exceptional lifespan with virtually no change in functional performance
  • Maintenance-free solution
  • Fast, easy and safe installation even when the track curves
  • No functional performance changes at sub-zero temperatures
  • All products aged to ensure outstanding long-term stability

High efficiency mass-spring system

RHEDA RX effectively distributes and cushions the static and dynamic loads originating from all types of passing metro trains and uniquely mitigates undesirable structure-borne noise in nearby dwellings. All components of RHEDA RX can be recycled – which means that the system satisfies the expectations of ecological and, above all, sustainable passenger traffic of the 21st century.

  • Ultra-high degree of vibration isolation at all critical frequencies
  • Easy tuning of first trackform resonance
  • No double resonance or amplification at higher frequencies
  • IL independent of the type of rolling stock passing
  • Great adaptability to all types of tunnel structures
  • Constant high-precision track geometry
  • Flexible and high-performance installation procedure

Stone Wool for Anti-Vibration Mats

Track engineers often encounter conflicting demands when designing a track system. On the one hand they seek uncompromised track stability ensuring safety and comfort for the passengers and low maintenance cost for the track owner; on the other hand they must have a track that is sufficie

BERNMOBIL Chooses RockDelta Vibration Isolation Mats

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RockDelta Supplies Anti-Vibration Mats to ADIF High Speed Tracks, Spain

RockDelta has supplied more than 45.000m² of high-tech stone wool based anti-vibration mat solutions to several AVE high-speed track projects in Spain, including track sections at Martorell (Barcelona), Túnel del Prat (Barcelona), Villafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) and at the entran