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Electrical and Fibre Optic Interconnection Solutions

40 Lower Oakham Way,
Oakham Business Park,
PO Box 37, Mansfield,
NG18 5BY Other,
United Kingdom

40 Lower Oakham Way,
Oakham Business Park,
PO Box 37, Mansfield,
NG18 5BY Other,
United Kingdom

Glenair has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial and MIL-Spec connector accessories since 1956. Building on that foundation we are able to supply to the rail industry a comprehensive range of electrical interconnection components and systems that increase reliability and cut overall costs. The following product ranges are available:

  • Metal and polymeric conduit solutions
  • Ruggedised, sealed moulded harness assemblies
  • Connector accessories in metal and composite materials
  • Speciality high density connectors
  • Fibre optic connectors and assemblies
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) shielding solutions
  • Earth and rail bond solutions
  • Assembly tooling and kits

Glenair is a privately held company whose strengths include BS EN ISO 9001 quality approvals, sales and technical support in every major market in the world, 2D and 3D design capabilities, and the industry’s largest standing inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec electrical connector accessories.

Glenair UK operates one of the most extensive approved testing laboratories in the interconnect industry. Our Mansfield facility is able to perform salt water immersion, corrosion, shock, vibration, EMI/EMC, tensile and the complete range of other performance tests required for discrete interconnect components and harness assemblies. We are committed to work with our customers and suppliers to ensure the most cost-effective, reliable interconnection solution is achieved.


Glenair’s annular convoluted tubing is constructed from thermally stabilised Kynar while our helical conduit is available in the industry’s broadest range of materials including PTFE, ETFE, PFA, FEP and halogen-free PEEK. Glenair’s flexible metal core conduit systems offer excellent EMI protection, from simple grounding to Tempest Secure communications, compatible with virtually every type of connector.


Glenair manufactures and supplies a complete range of accessories for electrical connectors in brass, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and composite thermoplastic. For overall shield termination, Glenair backshells provide full 360° peripheral grounding of the shield. All common shell sizes, configurations and termination styles are fully supported including advanced EMI/EMP/HIRF/Tempest shielding and termination systems.


Glenair’s fibre optic expertise includes the design and manufacture of off-the-shelf components as well as custom, user serviceable fibre optic cable and conduit assemblies. Our manufacture and test facilities feature a complete fibre-optic extrusion line, precision multi-station grinding and polishing equipment for termini and connectors and complete optical inspection.


Our cable assembly plants in Glendale, Chicago and Mansfield provide wired, terminated and tested harness assemblies. Glenair’s expertise in the design and fabrication of high-reliability interconnect systems is unequalled in our industry.

Since 1959, we’ve built some of the most challenging applications the commercial and military aerospace industry had to offer. Today we are able to offer the rail industry the same high level of quality, reliability and service our aerospace customers have relied on for years. Moulded harness assemblies on sensor and communication systems have greatly increased service life and reliability in many rail applications. Depending upon EMI, mechanical or environmental requirements, a broad range of over-braiding, shielding and jacketing is available.


Glenair provides a proven, reliable and cost-effective method of attaching a permanent connection for earthing to sheet material without prior preparation of the contact surface. The same technology enables a quick, safe and repeatable method to terminate AC/DC and signal connectors to rail in all conditions with a controlled process that requires no pre-heating, cleaning or impact to the rail.


Glenair manufactures many of the speciality tools used in high-reliability interconnect harness assembly. We are also distributors for a wide range of additional tooling from the industry’s other leading manufacturers. Glenair has built a reputation for providing interconnect tool kits and tooling service programs.

Glenair: Earth Bonding System White Paper

The Glenair Earth Bonding system is a revolutionary method of creating an electrical bond between structures and equipment for the secure passage of high-intensity current in case of electrical short circuit.

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At their most basic level, rail system interconnect design challenges are similar to other transport modes. Reducing weight is a critical issue, especially for high-speed and Maglev rail systems. Shielding electromagnetic interference is important, especially in sensitive electronic systems, such as engine monitoring and diagnostic sensors.

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Powertron proudly announced the launch of its 750W range of inverters for rail applications last week at Innotrans. This exhibition is held in Berlin and is the largest rail technology show of its kind in the world. The ACR 750 has been designed specifically for use on-board rolling st


40 Lower Oakham Way

Oakham Business Park


PO Box 37, Mansfield

NG18 5BY


United Kingdom