Elancourt, France, and Boston, Massachusetts – Esterel Technologies is the first and only provider of model-based development solutions to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification for the design and sale of mission and safety-critical software tools and services.

This certification, granted by Bureau Veritas in France, firmly establishes Esterel Technologies as the leading provider of model-based development solutions for critical embedded application development. In this highly specialized environment, the Esterel SCADE® product family and associated services provided by Esterel Technologies’ expert group increase system and software developer productivity, while at the same time mitigates project risk.

This ISO 9001:2000 certification exhibits Esterel Technologies’ commitment to providing both high quality products and professional services to ensure their clients’ success in deploying critical applications using Esterel products.

In response to client needs and in conjunction with this ISO 9001:2000 certification, Esterel has focused and organized its service offerings into three primary areas: fast ramp-up services, project support services, and certification support services. By organizing services in this manner, Esterel has responded to the needs of its clients to speed up time-to-productivity, more efficiently manage their project lifecycle, and facilitate their certification efforts to ensure their timely and on-budget success.

Esterel Technologies’ ISO 9001:2000 certification gives system and software developers supreme confidence in the company as their tool and service provider, enabling them to concentrate on their own domain’s specific critical application requirements.

Expert training and domain specific consulting

Esterel Technologies’ services provide expert training and domain specific consulting to mitigate risk and ensure clients’ success. Typical application areas deploying SCADE products and services include commercial and military aerospace applications, rail transportation, nuclear, and heavy industry.

Esterel’s SCADE family of products and services, including SCADE Suite® and SCADE Display®, are focused solely on the design, development, deployment, and verification of critical embedded control and embedded graphics display applications, respectively. In these domains development organizations often need to adhere to standards such as DO-178B (aerospace), EN 50128 (rail transportation), IEC 61508 (industrial applications), and IEC 60880 (nuclear). Esterel solutions have been certified to Level A under DO-178B, SIL 3/4 under EN 51028, and SIL 3 under IEC 61508, and have demonstrated compliance with IEC 60880. As a result, Esterel solutions expedite the time-to-certification in those domains where it is required, and shortens the time-to-deployment and verification in all domains.

“Clearly, in our market, risk is a major factor in selecting a vendor to supply the tools and services that our clients can rely on. We uniquely mitigate our clients’ risk by certifying our own products, services, people, and processes,” said Eric Bantegnie, president and CEO of Esterel Technologies. “We are very proud that our organization has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification and we will continue to invest to ensure that our customers can depend on us to deliver the very highest quality products and services in this unique critical embedded software domain.”