Tensar International has won the prestigious Civils 2007 ‘Product of the Year’ award with its innovative new TriAx™ at Civils 2007 (20-22 November, Earls Court 2, London).

Unlike conventional geogrids – comprising square or rectangular apetures – TriAx has a unique triangular structure which offers a multitude of performance benefits for a variety of ground stabilisation applications.

Extensive research has refined TriAx’s unique design features, resulting in a new kind of geogrid that increases aggregate confinement to offer greatly improved soil stabilisation properties. Such performance benefits are ideal for highway projects involving unpaved roads and permanent paved roadways, as well as combating differential settlement on weak or variable sub-grades. Economies are achieved through either savings in aggregate layer thickness or extensions in pavement service life; with cost, time and environmental advantages.

Group Marketing Manager Tim Oliver, was presented with the award at Civils’ where Tensar were showcasing the features and proposed benefits of its now award-winning product.

“TriAx has been six years in the making and represents, what we believe to be, the most significant innovation in geogrid technology for decades,” says Cliff. “I am delighted to take away this accolade on behalf of the TriAx development team and look forward to seeing the product completely replace our bi-axial geogrids in the coming months.”

Civils’ NCE New Product Awards presented celebrate companies that have developed the most innovative products and services to benefit the civil engineering industry during the past year. Judges asses entries on the following criteria: innovation; design quality; sustainability and safety; fitness for purpose; commercial success; productivity gain and customer satisfaction.