Trains often produce noises when entering railway stations or leaving tunnels at a curve. These noises can very simply be reduced!

Rex Articoli Tecnici SA in Switzerland offers in co-operation with Teknikum Oy in Finland a new product that is currently available for rail types 54E1/BV50 (SBB III) and 60E1/UIC60 (SBB VI). Others will folow.

Weather resistant rubber elements are connected to each other in intervals of 1,200mm on one or both sides of the rail. Stainless steel clips positioned between the sleepers fasten them tight against the rail. A long lifetime is ensured. Noise damping elements can quickly be installed and reinstalled several times without special tools. One element weighs 5.5kg.

The system harms neither tracks nor the surrounding environment. The result is a noise reduction of 5dB to 10dB.