Amberg Rail is the new master solution for comprehensive railway surveying. Amberg Rail’s extensive functionality consists of the proven and established hardware configuration GRP System FX, new application-specific software, the GRP Fidelity integrated quality management system and a unique global support network.

Amberg Rail is based on three application-specific solutions: Amberg Slab Track, Amberg Tamping and Amberg Clearance. A dependable partner of the international railway industry, Amberg Technologies’ Amberg Rail application, provides project-specific system solutions for the highest possible efficiency and flexibility in surveying for track construction and maintenance, as well as for clearance profile surveying. With this innovative step, Amberg Technologies responds to the increasing demands of railway surveying and places high flexibility and maximum investment productivity in the spotlight.

Efficient and flexible

Using Amberg Slab Track and the GRP 1000 surveying system, it is possible to independently and flexibly determine and inspect track positions. This integrated surveying solution provides the to-the-mm precision necessary to install and maintain slab track.

In conjunction with the GRP 3000, Amberg Tamping identifies track position errors, precisely and efficiently, as a basis for track ballast installation and maintenance. In combination with the GRP 3000 or the GRP 5000, the Amberg Clearance solution allows the inspection of individual encroaching objects in real time, as well as complete documentation of structures and clearance analyses, which include fully automatic clearance profile mapping.

Reliability and quality assurance

Using GRP Fidelity, the integrated quality management system for Ambergs track gauging trolley, standard-compliant precision is guaranteed. Globally unique, GRP Fidelity comprises an extensive calibrating and inspection system for reliable and high-precision track gauging trolleys.