Interpipe NTRP mill (Dnepropetrovsk), manufacturers of railway wheels under the KLW brand, has successfully passed an audit by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). The audit confirmed that the Quality Management System is effective and meets the AAR M-1003 industry standard.

During the course of the audit at Interpipe’s railway wheel workshop, a functional examination of eight processes of the Quality Management System was carried out. An internal audit of the company’s management of documents and an evaluation of employees’ qualifications was also made.

Elvin Dekkert, the leading auditor said: “The annual audit is an opportunity both to work on improving the quality management system and to show that this system actually works at the production facilities”. Elvin also mentioned that he was pleased with the results of the examination and will recommend the AAR to confirm the duration of the certificate.

The Quality Management System used in the production of railway wheels at Interpipe NTRP first met the AAR M-1003 standard in April 2000. As a result, the company received permission to supply railway wheels to North America.