Equipped with new and modern technology, the Combino style low-floor tram is now being operated in Lisbon. The new development offers more flexibility in all movements and provides more comfort, convenience and safety for passengers.

During the modernisation of the Combino style low-floor tram, the main emphasis was placed on the special requirements regarding safety and comfort. With experience and new ideas, HÜBNER GmbH in Germany developed extremly flexible gangway systems consisting of the assembly groups: lower articulation, upper articulation, folding or corrugated bellows and turntable. In less than eight months these completely new developments were ready for series-production.

Two different gangway systems are used in each Combino tram, which secure the flexible movements of the wagons: the gangway with hinge articulation and the gangway with double articulation.

The articulation in the floor area (hinge articulation) consists of an outer and an inner articulation body as well as a radial articulation bearing. Both cast parts and the bearing are preassembled and are delivered in a prefinished condition. This saves time during the final mounting and guarantees a high reliability during operation. The upper articulation consists of a steering triangle which prevents pitching movements of the wagons.

The special attribute regarding flexibility is the newly developed double articulation. It is positioned in the floor area underneath the articulation floor and is comprised of two articulations which are connected by a coupling rod. In connection with the special arrangement of the turntables, extreme driving movements, e.g. in s-curves up to ±35° are also possible.

The gangway system has a telescopic bar in the ceiling area which allows the pitching movement of both wagon parts.

  • Total height: approx. 3154mm (including head covering)
  • Total width: approx. 2100mm
  • Length of douple articulation: 1700mm (distance articulation bearing)
  • s-curve: max. ±35°