CRRC Ziyang Co., LTD. (CRRC Ziyang) is subordinate to CRRC Coporation Co., LTD., which is the only diesel locomotive development enterprise newly established after the founding of new China. Since the beginning of this year, CRRC Ziyang has intensified its efforts to expand overseas markets and obtained orders for 70 export locomotives, an increase of more than 50% compared with previous years. It is expected to deliver 30 locomotives in the first half of this year.

In fact, due to the impact of the epidemic this year, incoming and outgoing projects of CRRC Ziyang have encountered a lot of inconvenience.

The inconvenience of ‘entering’ is reflected in upstream supply. In April this year, a batch of oil pumps purchased by CRRC Ziyang were stuck at the Port of Shanghai just before customs entry. Without pumps, orders can’t be delivered, and the production department has to wait. In May, the delivery of this batch of export locomotives was into the countdown, and the port logistics queue to August this year. “If we can’t pull the pumps out, we’ll have to carry it.” On 16 May, under the organisation of agents, this batch of oil pumps were finally ‘carried’ out from the port. On 15 June, CRRC sent personnel to Tianjin to install the oil pumps. On 17 June, the 21 locomotives were duly shipped to Africa.

There are also many difficulties in leaving too. Under the impact of the pandemic, frequent overseas business trips cost too much, so many of CRRC Ziyang’s overseas market development personnel have chosen to stay abroad for a long time. Some of them have not returned to China for one and a half years, but they overcame the difficulties and helped the company get important projects.

Supported by overseas markets, CRRC Ziyang is expected to deliver more than 200 locomotives this year. As the impact of the pandemic has gradually lessened, CRRC Ziyang has gradually stabilised its upstream supply and external contacts. In the future, it will devote itself to production, ensure the delivery of orders continue as scheduled, and achieve the annual target of doubling the growth of sales and profits.