Transdev has been selected Transurb’s simulation technology, based on the company’s advanced training tools combining innovation and portability as well as the working methodology. Transurb will be providing five Simulators and the TrainLab App.

Simulators integrated into modernisation scope

The Sydney Light Rail (ATTSLR) network is expanding with the new light rail line City and South East (CSELR), and the Inner West (IWLR) light rail. The improvements on the ATTSLR will allow for more transport capacity and the stops will easily connect to the rest of Sydney’s transport system.

Transdev as a concession holder of ATTSLR aspires to ensure that trams are operated in the best possible way and in complete safety for Sydney’s citizens. Transdev will rely on Transurb simulation solutions to continue to invent and reinvent the mobility of the future.

Our cutting-edge technology solution

Along with Transdev, we believe in passion and motivation to bring the best quality product forward. Transurb will combine the latest industry-proven technologies to provide Transdev with the most realistic driving experience and the most intuitive training solution.

The Light Rail Simulator will replicate the Citadis from Alstom and Urbos from CAF. Furthermore, it will address its functions, handling characteristics and collision avoidance in a mixed-traffic environment.

Contemporary and exciting project in light rail

We are committed to revolutionising technologies and delivering a high-quality product. An exciting aspect of the project will be the simulated tracks and environment, which will include a large part of the network route such as Sydney’s city centre.

On the same light rail note, Transurb has also been awarded STIB’s Brussels Tram simulation project.

We are very excited about both projects, as they offer Transurb an opportunity to show off its tailor-made and customisable products.

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