Transurb has supplied its Compact Simulator to Metro de Medellín, Colombia, in record time following the award of the contract in December 2017.

As stated in an interview aired at the end of January, the Colombian public operator started training its recruits at the beginning of the year thanks to the modern simulation solution.

MDM mobilises more than one million passengers on a regular working day across two different lines and operates two rolling stocks. The company is accredited with several international certifications and has set a benchmark of excellence for urban transportation in Latin America.

Efficient training for metro drivers

Diana Zapata, the simulation project manager from the research, development and innovation department of MDM, points out: “The simulators intend to strengthen and optimize the training process with minimal impact on operational activities.

“The metro simulator allows instructors to recreate the different events, scenarios, incidents and degraded mode conditions without the need to technically wear down the real rolling stock.”

Accurate 3D reproduction and made-to-order hardware

MDM drivers can enjoy a realistic 3D modelling of the Medellín city and its iconic landmarks.

Furthermore, the sophisticated hardware is configured with interchangeable desks simulating both metro trains (MAN and CAF) operated on the network. The physical buttons have been integrated according to the real driving desks layout for ergonomic purposes.

A growing relationship with MDM

Proud of this prestigious partnership and of our first metro driving simulator in Latin America, we want to congratulate MDM on moving forward with innovative pedagogical tools such as Transurb’s advanced training solutions and thank them for the collaborative process that characterised the project.

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