Brussels City Transport (STIB) has designated Transurb to upgrade the Full-Cab Simulator for the 2005 CAF M6 metro.

To meet the transportation needs of the growing demographics in Brussels, STIB has undertaken a modernisation project of the metro network under the name of Pulsar. This project foresees the automatisation of lines 1 and 5, which will help address time loss due to human intervention.

New generation rolling stock equipped with ATP KCV and CBTC will join the rest of STIB’s train fleet in 2020 as part of the project’s objectives. To accommodate the additional trains, STIB is creating a new underground depot (Erasme) strategically chosen to dispatch the metros to the network.

Through the modernisation programme, different equipment will be upgraded according to the different phases; the M6 Driving Simulator at the Delta Training Centre needed to undergo the same evolutions to prepare drivers to the new signalling and changes in the network.

The retrofit of the M6 simulator implied the need for compatibility between existing software and new integrations. Therefore, STIB’s training tools will be upgraded to Transurb’s Simulation Management Software (R³).

First, the simulator will integrate CBTC signalling system to introduce trainees to its principles. The simulated network layout will be able to recreate KCV, CBTC and their respective transitions (hybrid KVC-CBTC).

Second, the CGI will include the creation of the new infrastructure (Erasme depot) simultaneously as it is being built in the metro network.

Regarding the hardware, the driver’s desk will change the layout to integrate the TOD screen by moving and / or deleting certain elements of the instrumentation.

Transurb is happy to bring its experience with CBTC simulation from its past project in Singapore to its home country and historic client (STIB). The retrofitted solution will train drivers to adjustments in the network in just eight months.

Transurb works against technological obsolescence and thanks to this project, it will ensure a longer vital life of the simulator. Likewise, we believe that our simulation solutions are the way of contributing our grain of sand to sustainable transport in Brussels.

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