Stewart Connector has announced the single and multiport RJ45 connectors to support 2.5G Base-T Ethernet communications.

This product line is the first available to include configurations for use in most 2.5G enterprise, data center, IoT and wireless applications.

Stewart Connectors’ RJ45 connectors are designed to address cross talk and return loss issues that are common in 2.5G applications.

These connectors also support PoE applications from 15W up to 100W, which is often a requirement for today’s IoT applications.

All single and multiport configurations are fully shielded and configurations with LED options are available.

The 2.5G connectors were developed with today and tomorrow’s RJ45 requirements in mind delivering a high speed, small form factor and PoE capable connector used in networking equipment, IOT devices, servers, printers and new emerging applications.

Part Numbers
Single Port Connectors 1xN Connectors:

  • SS-7488SC5-GG-PG4-BA 1×2: SS71800-035F
  • SS-74301-001 1×2: SS-748802SC5-YG-PG4-BZ
  • SS-700810S-A-PG4-BA 1×4: SS-748804SC5-YG-PG4-BZ
  • SS-7188VS-A-NF-50 1×4: SS71800-041F

2xN Connectors:

  • 2×1: SS-73100-082 (New)
  • 2×4: SS-73100-073
  • 2×6: SS73100-046F