Bel group company Signal Transformer has announced its new SMD and High Current Toroidal Inductor (HCTI) Design Kit for Multipurpose Applications.

This new design kit provides a varied selection of SMD and toroidal inductors to design engineers who are looking for products to support DC/DC converter processing equipment, battery powered logic controls, power supplies, FPGA and more.

The multipurpose design kit features SMD inductors that have an inductance range of
10uH to 470uH, a DC resistance range of 0.18MΩ to 535MΩ, and saturation current range of 0.50A to 15.5A. They are low profile, high efficiency and feature high saturation current.

The kit also features toroidal inductors that have an inductance range of 22uH to 1,000uH, a DC resistance range of 0.007Ω to 0.3Ω, lower operating temperature and high current carrying capacity at low cost.

Products include: HCTI toroidal inductors and SC75, SC3316F, SCRH5D18, SCRH5D28, SCRH6D28, SCRH8D28, SCRH124, SCRH127, SCRH104R, SCIHP1367 and SCMS7D43AY SMD Series inductors.

Signal transformer products utilise custom design coil construction and ferrite material
for lower DCR in a smaller package. The HCTI Series features high efficiency through
reduced core loss, low magnetic radiation from self-shielding and high energy storage
with distributed air gaps. Custom versions are also available upon request.

The Multipurpose Design Kit will be available through our distribution network via
Digi-Key, Mouser and Arrow.