A group of young electric welders with, an average age of less than 32 years old, won the recognition of customer representatives for their superb welding skills and sustained and stable product quality. They are the epitome of a new generation of CRRC Ziyang Men who work hard and pursue excellence.

Under the envious gaze of more than 400 workers, Jia Zelin, Wen Mingming, Ren Genshui, Chen Yanle, and Yang Longhai received the red packets from Guo Zhibin, the export locomotive manufacturing supervisor.

Inside the red packet is RMB300. Although the amount is not large, it is precious, because that is the highest praise given by the third-party supervision organisation. These five workers undertake the welding of key components such as traction beams, side beams, bogie frames, and underframes for this type of export locomotive. This export locomotive, independently developed by CRRC Ziyang, represents China’s high-end diesel locomotives that are exported to developed countries, with extremely high product quality requirements. Every locomotive they hand over must be perfectly unified, with good appearance and internal quality in order to pass the test of the supervisor.

Therefore, they thoroughly understand every process document, strictly implement Standard EN15085, attentively weld every part, perfectly handle every detail, and finally earn the trust and respect of the customer and supervisors!

This is a concrete manifestation of the initial success of our company’s quality improvement action implemented in August last year.

Why give them special awards? Guo Zhibin, as a supervisor of export locomotives, gives the answer.

“They do an equally good job whether we are on site or not! The products they weld are of good quality and reliability.

“What they hand over are not only qualified products, but also excellent products. At any time, the work they do is of the first-class quality level.”

This is the general sentiment towards the workers, but compliments alone are not enough.

In the eyes of the supervisors, the five workers are highly skilled, responsible and willing to undertake difficult tasks, and Guo Zhibin praises everyone.

Vice-monitor of the under-frame operating crew Jia Zelin is the versatile and talented in welding and management. He leads a group of people, no matter where they work, and the quality of the products will always reach a higher level

Wen Mingming is the designated candidate for welding the small air cylinder of export locomotives. Because the small air cylinders are made of 3mm thin plates and single-side welding, using double-side moulding techniques, the welding requirements are extremely high. Every welding is a test, and if it is careless, the air cylinder will be scrapped. At present, every air cylinder he welded is of high quality.

Ren Genshui and Chen Yanle do a good job in any operating post. They used to weld traction beams, and now they are responsible for the under-frame welding. Although the operating posts have changed, the quality of the products they produce is excellent.

Yang Longhai has a high skill. He used to do bogie-frame welding, but now he does traction beam welding. The product quality he produces is first-class, from the internal to the exterior!

At the staff meeting, Jia Zelin, on behalf of the five young men, said, “Thanks to the supervisors approval, we will continue to lead the crew, pay close attention to quality and strictly guarantee quality, regard product quality as our life, and promote the quality of export locomotive projects.”

Let’s give them the warmest applause!