The tunnel cleaning vehicle for railway, metro or train is a cleaning / washing vehicle designed and manufactured specifically for tunnel cleaning.

It is an automated high-end product that integrates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components. The car consists of a power car and a trailer. It can clean the tunnel in all directions.

There are a number of technical features included in the vehicle. There are 28 high-pressure water sprinklers arranged along the tunnel section of the vehicle, which can automatically flush the top of the tunnel, walls and the ground. Special areas are equipped with a platform that can be raised and lowered, allowing manual operation of the water gun for cleaning.

The vehicle is equipped with eight ground vacuum suction heads, which can automatically clean the ground dirt. For special areas, manual operation of the suction head is required to sweep the dirt.

Deutz TCD2015V06/330Kw/2100rpm engine has been adopted on the machine and it is equipped with DYL-BD1300 exhaust gas treatment device to control harmful exhaust emissions of the engine in the tunnel.

The hydraulic transmission method is adopted. The flow rate changes of the hydraulic pump and the motor are controlled by the microcomputer control system, to realize the stepless transmission of the traveling drive.

Knorr KE valve and other brake systems are featured, which satisfy the UIC brake components.

A driver’s cab is designed for each end of the two cars to achieve two-way driving.

There is a panoramic safety glass window in the cab, which is designed according to ergonomic requirements. Each driver’s room provides a seat for the driver and three operators.

The vehicle has significantly improved the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency, effectively reducing the labour cost.