Sheffield-based Zonegreen is launching a new version of its flagship rail depot safety system, in response to increasing interest from clients across the globe.

Zonegreen has unveiled the second generation SMART Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPSTM), following its first complete overhaul in 15 years.

Designed with export in mind, DPPS™ now uses intuitive functionality, based on a simple four button controller and a graphical interface that can be programmed in any language. Remote configuration and assistance has also been added, making overseas installations simpler and more cost effective.

DPPS™ is specified in most modern UK maintenance facilities and its reputation is growing quickly worldwide. It combines powered derailers, road end control panels, train detection equipment, warning signals and personal datakeys to protect staff and infrastructure and is the most advanced, reliable and tested product of its type.

Christian Fletcher, Zonegreen’s technical director, said: "It has taken six years of research and development, along with many thousands of pounds to bring this latest version of DPPS™ to market. It has always been the safest method of controlling train movements in depots, but we have listened to the needs of our clients at home and abroad and it is now simpler to install, easier to use and more efficient to run."

A number of new features have improved the design and functionality of DPPS™. Standardised software means the system can not only be configured to the unique layout of each facility, but also allows users to receive new features and updates as they occur. In addition, a tactile membrane and high-quality electronic components have increased durability and reduced power consumption.