Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: XPLR) today announced that it has fulfilled an initial $350,000 order for Bobcat Fully Rugged Tablet PCs, spare batteries, chargers and DC adapters for a leading global tire manufacturer.

The mobile computing solution will provide workers with real-time insights regarding inventory levels, order details, and other logistical actions to facilitate greater responsiveness and productivity amidst the fluctuating demands of today’s manufacturing environment. Additional orders are anticipated as the customer expands its worldwide deployment of the Bobcat mobility solution to additional logistics operations and shop floor workflows across multiple manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities.

"Manufacturers are under intense pressure to deliver high quality goods on often inflexible deadlines," said Mark Holleran, president and COO of Xplore." They must react quickly as orders, and order changes, arrive in order to avoid disruptions in production and eliminate waste in warehouses and on assembly lines. Our real-world experience with numerous Xplore customers has demonstrated time after time that mobilizing workers with best-in-class rugged tools delivering real-time updates and facilitating fast action within the operation is the most effective and cost-efficient solution. That’s why this customer chose Xplore rugged tablets as its primary mobile computer for its manufacturing facilities."

The Bobcat offers the precise level of flexibility, performance and reliability required to minimize the complexity of this customer’s high-volume operations. It also provides a solid, and highly scalable, foundation for their evolving IT systems architecture, offering the right level of compatibility and support for new automation, data analytic and IoT solutions.