ELPA has developed the new patent-pending on-board wheel flange lubrication system DRYproANNSYS spray system (SS), with distance remote data control for providing data about location of locomotive and about the system operation.

It has a capability to distribute a specific amount of a special composite compound (with high content of solid particles-over 40%) in a real time to the exact point, where the set-up of different quantity per each dosing point is also enabled.

Direct economic benefit is the reduction of wear out of wheel flanges, as direct ecological benefit is the reduction of noise / squealing caused by friction in between wheel / rail contact, especially in curves.

The system is distinguished for very low consumption of material and low energetic consumption in operation, and works from -60°C to 80°C external temperatures, which is important for colder areas.

A reservoir capacity can be adjusted on customer request. An indicator of lateral accelerations inside electronics enables working programme with lateral dosing in dependence on speed and on which wheel is burdened in the curve.

To find out more, visit Elpa at Hall 22 / Stand 402 at Innotrans 2016.